Welcome to my Kitschen

I am the epitome of the casual blogger. That person who has fits and starts of activity, of interest in the written word, the desire to be creative. Truth be told, and I'm renowned for my honesty, I'm not all that artistic, and have struggled to call myself "creative". And I have no idea if I have... Continue Reading →

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A word with myself….

I don't really know what motivates me when it comes to writing. What we can be sure of is that it is not a constant motivator. I haven't blogged consistently ever, and this means that any fantasy I ever had about finding a readership, a following, a crowd, is highly unlikely as no one is... Continue Reading →

The End is Nigh…….

I'm reflecting on the last few months of disruption and chaos. Before me is a coffee table, which currently houses a frying pan, two tins of dog food, the vodka I'm infusing with blackcurrants, a bottle of chilli sauce, three glasses, my plates and mugs, my zester, the fruit bowl and assorted cutlery. To the... Continue Reading →

Holidays and headaches

I write this at I'm guessing tens of thousands of feet in the air. I have no idea how high, the captain hasn’t deigned to inform us of this. A meringue-like blanket of cloud is below us, I've been fortuitous enough to get the window seat for once. Our small aircraft that transports us is... Continue Reading →

About last night……

Over the last couple of weeks, things have changed profoundly for everyone around me. In reality, this week hasn't changed society here in Western Europe, in the British Isles, one little bit. Sadly the UK has been relatively resilient to terrorism throughout my 36 years on this planet, if not before. But for me, and... Continue Reading →

A Not So Simple X In A Box

Well this weekend I did the Park Run near my house. I was very excited when I moved up here, so close to the Park Run I'd begun frequenting. However this very same local Park Run had started to get popular. It was starting to be a bit of a drag. Not that anything should stay... Continue Reading →

A Food Lovers Kryptonite

Oh how I've chortled at the witticisms of some of my favourite food writers. The retorts about never knowingly under catering from Nigella, Ina talking about good food, good company and cocktails being a perfect evening- they have given me the same false hope they give everyone. Sure, I'm not waiting 12 minutes for a... Continue Reading →

The Construction of Reality

If someone asks what its like to undertake major remodelling work, a major add on to their home, living out of one room with everything in boxes, nothing to hand, they won't tell you the truth. You will hear cliches- best thing I've ever done. The time goes so quickly. It's exciting, seeing it come... Continue Reading →

Let Madness Commence……

You find me sat in the lounge, watching one of those episodes of Location, Location, Location where they revisit couples. I cannot take to tonight's couples at all. Now before their friends and relatives call me all sorts of rude names, it really isn't their fault. Tonight is the quiet before the storm. Tomorrow is a... Continue Reading →

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