Lemon fusilli and flat champagne. How easy is that?!

Saturday has been all about the laziness. After a lie in, I rose to have coffee and toast with nutella in front of breakfast news and Saturday Kitchen.

Why has Ina never done Saturday Kitchen? She is the most natural fit for the BBC. No chance of any Carol Thatcher style mishaps and she would be so wonderful on there. I must petition. Really I must. I’m sure she has mentioned a love of London, and her show is a UK production, for reasons I can’t fathom. That show must have a huge carbon footprint.

Pasta was to die for. Seriously good. I deleted the broccoli and went for pine nuts instead. Great choice. Also added some baby leaf spinach as it needed using. See, Great British Waste Menu. I have learnt already.

Watched X Factor. Ina has taught me about poise and respectability. Those people who audition should learn that also. How does one have a career after being a laughing stock? What is said to them on Monday morning after the show has aired? We British are not that polite. It must be akin to one of those awful dream sequences in comedies where someone craps themselves in public and people point and laugh.

So I decided my lesson for the day and first lesson for this blog- Ina would not do reality television without road testing it in front of friends. And Ina has the right friends. She has Susan Strollman for musical purposes. And I’m sure she would have Davina or someone like that if it was anything like Big Brother. Although she would walk it. Kitchenaid in hand.

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