Pete and I went for a long run, so I thought wouldn’t it be fun…….

So far on the bonus free Monday we have randomly given to us every last weekend in August I have dragged my carcass out of bed and been for a 6 mile run. I enjoy the virtuosity that affords me, that thus far in my day I am in credit calorie wise. Who knows how I may abuse that later on during the day.

I have just put on one of my favourite old v neck black jumpers to find that Pete has obviously also taken a shine to it over time and has done to this what he does to all his own sweaters and torn a hole in the arm pit. What does he do? Some form of tarzan like swinging which weakens the stitching? Seeing as today is a lazy day with some baking and ironing planned I’m not seeking an alternative to the look but it does mean from now on I will have to be more vigilant in examining the underarms of any clothing chosen.

I really do find myself occasionally exasperated at the human race. Usually it’s the obvious examples, like the crazy woman on Friday night outside Boots the Chemist with her torso and face pressed against the security shutters moaning with pleasure as she was seemingly licking the metal in some vain hope of tasting the pharmaceuticals, I suspect. She was soon shouting some garbled nonsense, perhaps when she realised that wasn’t Diazapam but more likely pigeon faeces she was tasting. I know she was crazy, but part of me always wants to ask what are you doing. Im not sure i’d ever be ready to hear the answer to my question.

But today it was my fellow active man who was a source of irritation. More specifically, ignorant walkers or runners who fail to observe what I know to be the etiquette of the runner. If you are running or walking in pairs, on a narrow path, shift as another approaches. Define your running space, and as someone approaches, give them room. It’s a one second adjustment. But no. Some people have an entitlement to the whole pathway it appears. Smug hand in hand couples who actually move away from one another like policemen protecting a consulate against an angry protest or something, barring me from passing them on their footpath. It baffles me that people are like this. They could see me coming for a while yet their problem solving strategies seem so underdeveloped they could not fathom a step aside then return to place once I was passed. I hope no one buys them a Puzzler or sudoku book for Christmas. It may prove too much and cause a meltdown.

I need to develop a resilience to such behaviour, it’s commonplace. Ina and Jeffrey would step aside, and they would return the Good Morning I greeted people with only to be stared at with bemusement by many. I’m sure Ina would meet me at my car at the end with those peanut butter and jelly bars she made for Barbara and Cassandra when they went to watch beach volleyball that time. Forgetting that they would have to play volleyball for 17 hours to burn off the calories in one bar. But at the end of the day you can’t calorie count with Ina. That’s the whole point. Those people who don’t eat carbs after 5pm and only eat 1200 calories a day surely can’t actually enjoy life, can they? And is that actually living or just existing? It’s certainly not a lifestyle choice I’ll ever be making. Ina didn’t and boy is she happy.

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