How bad can that be?!

I always underestimate how bad it will be coming back to work after a long weekend. Surely when I have been in the monotonous routine of 5 days a week for a while, it will be a boon to be off an extra day? Not so. It means that you have a four day week at the end of which you simply have the promise of 2 days then the same old 5 day rubbish to mock you for a while thereafter. The blessing comes as it approaches, the curse is presented afterwards when life has little good to then offer you.

On the plus side it is now only 6 weeks till my next jaunt away to Chicago. And how I am looking forward to it. Had a weird dream about it last night tho, where we weren’t going there we were going to New York, I had not done that online criminal record declaration thing, and they detoured to Singapore to make me get off the plane. I awoke thinking why did the plane go that way? Was it a 4 day flight? How odd.

Im a bit grumpy today. Get a bit irritated some times with the world. Have attempted to calm myself down mind and eat additional unnecessary carbohydrates as that always gives me a buzz. Mid morning toast was a particular headrush that kept the day ticking over.

Luncheon beckons. Again it will be carbs. Bread or potato is my current choice, will probably go potato for sheer variation. Who wouldn’t love to live this crazy mad lifestyle?!

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