On a high heat ’til it reads 350 degrees on a candy thermometer…..

My spendaholic status has been reinforced today following a trip to TK Maxx. I had mentioned to a woman down at court about the Joseph Joseph Chop to Pot chopping board I got at the weekend and she said to get her one. So I thought I ought get me one. And then I thought lets get another. Christmas will soon be here, someone will like it. Then I saw a Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve board in the same colour as my Chop to Pot board. I thought lovely, matching set. Another £8 gone. I must reel it in, this spending. Although at a fiver a pop, they really are quite good presents. But I must have looked like I was trying to recreate the rainbow flag in plastic kitchenware, they are the gawdyest shades of neon.

Have had a more successful day all round. Pretty simple day at court, pretty successful lunch trip to shops, got my hair appointment sorted for tomorrow (thank heavens) and am off for a two hour workout tonight. If this is living, shoot me in the head. Do I have another 30 odd years of this? Do I seriously I have to run through the monotony of life with only the prospect of tuna, tabasco and salad pittas to lift the spirits? And to have a peak to my week when someone brings in a sponge cake? Which I have just had a piece of by the way whilst writing this. Sugar rush does wonders for a word count……

I have never had to wonder where the impetus comes from for one of these midlife career changes. I fully understand it. The idea of giving it all up to create my own Barefoot Contessa, like Ina did, really does appeal. The idea of going into retail does not make me shudder, despite my experiences as one of the worlds least interested saturday boys at BHS. I could get up at 5am to start up a catering oven and mix a batch of scones and biscuits. I could make a vat of lemon fusilli and a huge tub of chile con carne ready for a lunchtime rush. I could bag up chocolates and repackage coffee in my own brand of Barefoot Viscount (I thought this sounded better than Barefoot Duke or Barefoot Earl) coffee tins. I would happily do this. Im not sure I have the finish off to a fine art yet. I have never handled a piping bag, and this puts the fear of god into me. I have the manual dexterity of a lame horse, im so cackhanded. Although this would no doubt improve. I could drag Pete’s friend Sue along for the ride, she is so good at that kinda thing. Perhaps she could be my version of Ina’s assistant, Barbara. I mean, what does Barbara assist Ina with? All she seems to do is eat cheese danish and say ” I prefered number 2″. Im sure she has a role. Someone has to order those blue shirts or the black shirts in equal measure.

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