And you know what Jeffrey is like with chicken….

Tonight there has been a bit of a strange one, food wise. Having read nothing but good thing about a new mexican, I booked us a table. So we get ready and head to Amigos (ok I know, but I didn’t choose the name now did I). We arrived to find no table reserved. Irritating but the waiter rectified it immediately. Pete went to grab a bottle of wine seeing as it was BYO. I checked out the menu, Pete returned so we sorted out our order and got up to place said order. The waiter was looking flustered, and told me to wait a minute. I mean, that’s fine but there are only four tables in this place. Ten minutes later he indicated he was now ready.

In the meantime, waiting for our food with our beakers of wine ( I know, exactly) we had to endure some guy next to us snorting back his mucus every five minutes or clearing his snot filled throat every five seconds. His girlfriend kept flirting with him, stroking his hand and playing with her hair, whilst he made noises like the fires of hell were bubbling inside his nostrils or up his throat. I truly was nauseated until he left the place.

The food was great, and seeing as chilli nachos, chicken tacos, a chicken enchiladas and veggie quesidillas only set us back £15, no one was complaining. Once the issues are ironed out, would be a great place.

Well, today has been a good day, work aside. Despite the fact there was a bit of an embarrassing moment in court, where I completely misunderstood what a social worker was saying, and a notoriously grumpy solicitor decided to trash me as a result, good things happened today. I saw someone I used to work with a lot, and had a really good catch up. Managed to find out some really good gossip as well, which is always a plus. The piece de la resistance however was that I visited T K Maxx at lunchtime and had a good mooch around. Whilst chatting to my fabulous friend Anne, and discussing the merits of Le Creuset and selecting her a red salt pig ready for when I see her next, out the corner of my eye I saw a cast iron casserole. An almond coloured cast iron casserole. Not Le Creuset, life is never that kind, but a Molten one. I could not quite see the price, however the RRP said £6.99. For a casserole. My thoughts? That this was a mistake and I would be laughed out the place. So I tool it to the till to pay expecting to have to have one of those awkward moments where sales people act as if you are the biggest moron for thinking an advertised price may be the price of the item. I braced myself to have to say those words “well if thats the price i do not want it”. I prayed to get the 17 year old boy not the woman in her 50’s, who may pick up on it. I got the woman. I steeled myself. I walked over. She didn’t say a word. She scanned it. It went through. A cast iron casserole dish for the bargain price of £3.99. Fabulous. I hugged it, walked away, and pretty much walked quick smart out of there in case the store changed it’s mind.

Seeing as I have just bought the new Nigella, I think I will have to experiment this weekend. Let’s see what inspiration hits me.

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