It’s going to be a great party….

Sunday’s sacrosanct long run has been delayed until this afternoon. The reason? Truthfully, idleness, official version is that my friend Becky is coming to stay tonight and I wanted to get the house ready and bake a cake and prepare a lovely tea for her.

The gods honest truth is that we have so much ironing and I had to tackle some, had to go to Waitrose for a few bits and I really wanted to try a new recipe for Coffee and Walnut Cake from Kitchen by Nigella. And I have created a masterpiece. I feel like I experienced a culinary version of talking in tongues. Nigella was talking to Jo Wiley via listen again on my iPad, I had the Kenwood Chef on mixing the cake mix, put it in, and by the time it had finished she was still on the radio and I was taking 2 well risen sandwiches out the oven. I mixed up the butter cream and put it in the Nigella living kitchen range cake dome et voilà, I feel devout. I feel closer to one of my culinary gods. Like a Catholic at Vatican City or Lourdes must feel. It has truly made up for the disasters experienced with those recipes from the Hummingbird Bakery book, with their oozing out the tin like that book I used to love in primary school about some magical porridge pot that flooded the streets or something. I nearly buggered it all up mind when the lady from a few doors down appeared right outside the window putting her rubbish in our bin and was just staring at me. I screamed then waved. She seemed unfazed at causing me to crap myself.

I’m looking forward to looking like I live in somewhat domestic harmony, rather than mild disarray as usual. I prepared the dinner up until the point it has to go in the oven. It takes two hours so I thought it made sense to get to the point where it’s ready to go in and then we three can go for a run, get back, shower and then it’s just time to sort out the couscous and away we go. I feel like I’m catering Ina style here. Just get things done in advance then I can be a guest not a frantic host. This is what barefoot entertaining is all about, matching the mood of the guests with the style of entertaining. Seeing an old friend is really comfortable, and inviting them into your home is really about making people welcome, so cake and a fancy stew is just that really, comfy Sunday staples. Can’t wait for it to be wine hour. This late afternoon running is not something I anticipate with great enthusiasm I can promise you.

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