I always use extra large eggs

It’s so fantastic being a young professional in this day and age. A recession is really good for boosting morale. Having now endured two days of whittling by colleagues about the proposals for restructuring the workforce, and it’s possible redundancies, I have slowly and surely lost all will to live. Spirits are struggling to remain lifted. Fortunately, I have taken my usual solace in food. Post day one, I needed a pint and a portion of chips to lift my mood higher. Following this, I took comfort in a slow cooked piece of beef in a chile, loving and carefully prepared and cooked over three hours on a low heat.

Whilst my soul was sinking, nothing gave me more pleasure than to take control via my kitchen. If there is one thing I can do, it’s note a recipe, find the ingredients and then slowly make the magic happen. I chopped the chillies, I minced the garlic, I diced the onions. I added the bay leaves, I added the wine, I poured the tomatoes in. I smelled the spices as I added them in, knowing the complicated and dense cumin would make harmonious sense in the pot, the sweetness of cinnamon would find a blend with the spice of the cloves and allspice. I know little else but that sometimes what can seem disjointed and overly complicated can then make a lot more sense when the end result is presented. I have got to hope that life is currently a great big old recipe for me,

Again I think about life and the question people love to ask in interviews suddenly resonated in my ears. Where do I see myself in 10 years time. Ideally? I would be a celebrity chef. I’d be publishing my fourth book. I would be of the Ina and Nigella school, a home cook, someone who cooks for people who have a living breathing kitchen, not a stainless steel commercial space. I’d be seen cooking from my home, using my beloved apparatus. Not like that Tamasin Day-Lewis who has proper shit kitchen utensils. I mean, hers are really crap. Everytime I see her on TV I can’t follow a recipe, I’m too busy saying who would use that crap pan, what’s going on with that knackered bowl, it’s bacteria city. And don’t get me started on that health hazard head of hair. I would have a classy kitchen. I’m living in fantasy land. I will still be sat in an office taking phone call after phone call. Living for the weekend. Counting down to my holiday. 5 weeks tomorrow if you are curious.

A miracle could happen. Some well off benefactor may fund a little bistro for me to run. A homely little venue, serving coffee cake and meals. Somewhere people will choose to go for an hour to while away the world and put it to rights over a latte and blueberry scones. It would be fabulous, another Barefoot style Renaissance. However once again the recession rings in my ears. Seeing as I live in a city where only Cafe Nero and Starbucks seem to rule supreme, I’m not sure that I’m ready to become an entrepreneur just yet. Unless god wants to give me a sign to the contrary, I’ll still to saving to world, one child at a time.

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