I love the holidays, so I love to get my friends together…..

Catherine came over from Manchester, so in non-Ina fashion we descended into wine, chat, more wine and then a trip to Le Bistrot Pierre for a fabulous meal. Love that place. It’s simple, classic and always good value. For the bargain price of £9.50 we also had a steak meal with a glass of wine each. It was as always fantastic. It’s always a treat to go to a fantastic restaurant with friends. I don’t see Catherine half as much as I should. It was fabulous to spend some time somewhere informal but classy which is what I hoped I was. Alas, that was spoilt when I noticed my all black outfit had some weird white stains down it. A very dubious look to start the evening, and a sure fire way to get the wrong attention in Dempseys. A quick trip to the toilet, and several blasts from the hot tap and hand dryer, et voilà, gone thank the lord.

Following a brief intermission at the Forum, which had sticky bar tops and a smell of poorly tended drains that took us right back to the student union days of yore (Not pleasant memories, just slightly mucky ones) we ended up at Dempseys. Although the place was strangely quiet at first, the whiskey and coke worked it’s magic and before you know it I thought I was Pink or Gaga or Beyonce or whoever.

Hungover Saturday has been ok thus far. No vomiting or dragging so far. Shopping trip where I bought a fabulous sifter and a trivet which has already been used. Also bought an average hot chocolate from Starbucks. I don’t get what the difficulty is with that place being unable to do a proper hot chocolate. A bitter syrupy liquid at the bottom. An average, lukewarm milky chocolatey drink all the way through. I don’t like finishing a drink with a nasty sickly grimace. Not when I paid nearly three quid for the privilege. Ina once made a white hot chocolate for two lesbians which I though sounded quite vile. White chocolate is my favourite sometimes but occasionally it can be wrong. The white chocolate malteasers being case in point. But otherwise white chocolate can be good, case in point being the banana and white chocolate muffins I make.

Made lamb and Rosemary meatballs in a chorizo-spiced tomato sauce with rigatoni pasta. Gorgeous. Inspired by a recipe in Kitchen, I just added my take on it. I am of the school of thought that tabasco sauce should be added to everything. And am of the school of thought that even if it doesn’t say garlic, add garlic. It can’t go wrong. And I’m right. It was gorgeous. And the bonus is there are two portions left.

Popped into the works and found a new book by Annie bell called Gorgeous Christmas. Hoping it’s as good as Gorgeous Cakes. Going to take it up to bed later for a nose through the tome. Brilliant.

Watching this arctic circle celebrity endurance thing. Let’s see how this goes. Gavin Henson seems dense. He was upset over ice on his hair. Jesus. Belt up.

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