This is banana muffins with the volume turned up

I have been having a strop this afternoon. For no reason other than the fact Catherine has gone home. Eleven years later, it’s as if we have more in common now than ever, and we don’t even study the same old stuff anymore like when we met. It’s always heartening to discover that even though you may think you are a bit of a headcase, someone else shares some of those traits so you can’t be as mad as you may think.

Catherine and I share three great loves- food, T K Maxx and random appreciation for the music of 2000 to 2002, in particular the J Lo album. And both of us would rather run a upscale bakery than work behind a desk. It’s amazing that we discovered the real key behind our individual domestic goddess fantasies and aspirations. A lack of creativity and general happiness about our career and prospects has made us seek out pleasures. And the best pleasure in the world is food. What could be better than figuring out what things go together and make something a million times better. It’s like an alternative lottery, gamble on eggs, flour, sugar and butter and you pretty much gets a massive cake as your reward. But ultimately it’s a creative process and you are the driving force. Your toil and labour provides instant rewards and gratification, for all your energy spent you get to see and sample the outcome immediately. When the following morning reality hits home and off to the office you go, it’s a comfort to know that for now, at least, you are the master of your own domain and all that it produces. Well, it’s a comfort to Catherine and me at least.

Still not been on my run. I feel so guilty. Will go very shortly, just 10k or so. Seeing as my marathon training schedule kicks off again next month I’m enjoying lazy time whilst I can. Will be relentless soon enough. But the good thing about marathon time is it Is also major carbohydrate intake time. As much pasta and bread as I can consume, it’s ok with me. In my opinion the carb fear is criminal. Carbs rule. Potatoes are versatile, and always fabulous. Pasta was delivered to us from the gods to make us happy. Bread will rock anyones world. Without carbs, what’s the point.

Watched some Ina today. She made a French apple tart. It was frightening how much fat was in it. Butter, sugar, more butter, more sugar, jar of jam. It was madness. She has an idea mind, in the end if it all goes wrong in this world, who is going to think well I’m glad I only ate protein and veg after 5pm. I’d kinda wish everything had had an apricot glaze. So why not start now. Can you add an apricot glaze to a salad?

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