It’s amazing how my baking improved when I started using room temperature ingredients.

So what’s the worst thing that could happen at a time when you are being scrutinised for a competency assessment? Try going to the gym at lunchtime and forget completely about a meeting with punters coming and everything. I just plain forgot, I have no excuses. I suppose one of the things you have to do is cope with these things and roll with it. Make an impact and sort it out. Had a meeting about the whole competency assessment thing today and it’s less of a worry now. I mean these things are always a worry. Why wouldn’t they be? Potentially all these things are a worry. This is the stress of a mortgage payment, of how to keep the wolf from the door, how to make sure you can buy your loved ones some Christmas presents. It makes me feel so uncertain about things and I hate that feeling. I had it towards the end of my training contract, when I faced unemployment and homelessness when my friend who I lived with told me she wanted me out. But out of darkness comes light, and now here I am in the Steel city with a lovely boyfriend and a job I find quite fascinating in the weirdest ways.

So I don’t know if I have mentioned it but I’m on the organising committee for a new professional networking group for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. Really, I am. It’s called Out of Office. My idea. Great huh? Well, things are moving on really well, I’m thrilled. Have had a lot of interest. Well it’s been a toil, me and two friends setting something up in a city we are all relatively new to. And it’s been a bit funny sorting it out, when we have never worked on something together before. We all became aware that we are very different. I’m a bit scattered and idealised and I like to sort things out as they pop into my head. Not so much Harry and Rachel, who seem to like a step by step approach. I’m going to have to learn some of these traits, as I think it must be useful! Instead of wading in, be methodical. What a revelation! Although to be fair I think I have had some good ideas. I have got a lead on a potential venue for a christmas do. I never thought that a christmas do would be a bone of contention, but some have thought it a bit premature to sort it out before the launch event in November, but I wanted to make sure we were planning ahead. December is a nightmare month, and I wanted the right venue. A new bar has e mailed saying they will fit us in. Not open yet, and in a fantastic location, I’m pretty chuffed about it. Plus I got an e mailed from Stonewall forwarding our details out to members. So exciting.

Foodwise, was a really plain day. Cheerios. Jacket potato. Blah. Did fajitas tonight as Suzanne was round for tea. I decided to improvise with some cupboard items. I had some random burrito seasoning, so chucked that in. And some barbecue sauce that I put in. Worked well. No one knew it was a a marriage of lots of different sauces. Another banana muffin, fantastic. Thinking ahead to tomorrow nights dinner. Have some mince in the fridge which needs eating. Will just go with that. It’s match day tomorrow so we will have dinner with Holby City and mass chanting and boozing outside our front window. Occasionally we get a horses arse as well, which is always a pleasure.

Ina today made a mustard roasted fish which sounded nice. The comfort pot roast she made sounded gorgeous right up until she put it in an earthenware dish covered with a sauce blended in the food processor until the whole dish looked like a dish full of baby poo. Three hours slow cooking with a bouquet garni then blitzed until it looked like a dish of shite. Vileness. Anyway, I’ll probably just do the meatballs again like I did at the weekend. Pretty tasty, so why not.

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