I’ve known TR since he was about 12….

Today was frustrating to say the very least. I was sat at court for about 4 straight hours waiting for either a slot with the judge or for the order to come back. One pink lady apple in my pocket which was not enough of an incentive to strive through to midday. And the very average jacket potato at lunchtime was not the solace I had sought before I had to return for another hour of needless waiting for two pieces of paper photocopied.

Two hours in the office is not enough in one working day. Not with the level of nonsense you receive. The fear is you have to end up micromanaging the entire of your caseload whilst trying to sort out the rest of your own world. I would love to be able to breathe occasionally, and sit and draft a to do list. Spend a bit of time just doing things in a sedate way. Spend a bit more time on Perez Hilton.com. Drink a few more cups of tea. Have leisurely lunches walking into town. I’d probably be bored stupid after a while but I could cope with a bit of boredom now and then. I’m sure boredom would add character.

Post work body pump did the trick today. Cleared some cobwebs away. As much as it ever does. Did some fridge clearing by way of using up mince from the fridge and mushrooms and fresh herbs that were slightly past their best. That eases the soul as well, seeing as I loathe chucking food away. Despite this, I end up chucking food away a lot. I find myself taking on certain traits from my mother, including this very weird thing my mum always did which is to leave less than half a portion in the pan, which is stupid. It’s stupid for several reasons. Number one, if I’d dished it up we would have eaten it. We are greedy bastards. Two, we live in what appears to be a black hole for Tupperware, lids disappear, the container disappears, we have a cupboard full of incompatible items. And thirdly, once I do find a suitable storage facility, it’s so bloody small a portion that its never going to get bloody eaten. So I’m forever ditching a half portion of pasta, or risotto or curry simply due to this habit. Therefore it’s all my mother’s fault.

Pete is off next weekend to his niece’s christening. It’s all very cute, but I’m not going as it’s in France and it’s a bloody expensive endeavour being the jet set couple. We are off to the States for the second time this year in under a month, which is just such an expensive endeavour. I am so excited about going to Chicago, it will be so amazing, but seeing as Pete is going on a freebie, it means the cost of Easyjet flights over to Geneva is less of bank busting thing for him. But no biggies. Although I’m not really conserving any money seeing as I’m planning a road trip to an outlet mall with MC and Amy, who will serve as those who talk me into any purchase they can see I want to make. Love that. Could cost about five times as much as a trip over the channel.

God I’m hungry again. As ever. Could eat my arm. White chocolate buttons here I come.

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