T K Maxx plus lack of restraint equals massive spend

Saturday started with some Saturday Kitchen and papal visit to England viewing. Bill Granger is nice and I own one of his books and all, but he was wearing a horrific cardigan and some stubble which made him look like was going through a mid-life crisis or divorce or something, like a lazy man who was letting himself go as an act of rebellion or something. Scruffy and inappropriate. Had a two hour drive down, which was exhausting. Arrived well enough, parched, hungry and with no desire to do anything else. Short pit stop then it was off to Home Sense. And I have to report as to whether the prophecy was all I hoped it would be….

It was more. Much, much more. Firstly, Merry Hill is better than Northampton. It’s one big, open unit. It was almost overwhelming as you walked in. I could see bedding before me, I could see a centre island unit staged with gorgeous copper pots and casseroles. My senses raged, I was like a dog having his loyalties tested by two calling beloved owners. My love of Le Creuset won out. I scanned the shelves with relish, and was rewarded with some gorgeous water glasses for £6, the second Valentine Warner book for Anne and some Nigella mousemat come shopping list pads which are so tacky-chic.

The Val book find is important as we further Anne’s romantic prospects. Son of Lord Frederick Warner and Lady Simone, it’s a personal dream to allow Anne to further her aspirations to become an upper class lady, all wellington boots and Barbour jacket. Very To The Manor Born. i imagine coming to stay, walking into a long hallway lined with classic furniture and a coat rack, before being received into a kitchen with a Rayburn blasting heat, a chicken carcass being boiled for stock and a dozen pheasants hung out in the boot room. It’s the dream to meet her in laws, and to be able to say “ah Lady Simone, what a pleasure”. In my dream she would say “call me Simone, please”, and I’d be on first name terms with Gentry. What a treat. We must make this happen. Any ideas, gratefully received. I think Val needs a Cornish wife.

I digress. I continued around the store hunting. We got Pete’s niece a little knife fork and spoon set, very cute, and a Cath Kidston pillowcase which may or may not leave us to go to his niece. I have yet to decide. We got a cute tablecloth, bedding, a Le Creuset mug, a chicago restaurant book, a present for M-C, a fitted sheet, a bath mat….. All sorts. Pete and I spenit a hundred quid between us. It’s so easily done, I can’t even tell you how many purchases I declined. I circled some Granite Le Creuset cast iron casseroles. I mulled over it at length, but they were not the size I wanted. I know what I want and it’s pointless getting it’s poorer relation just because I can. But it hurt. A lot.

My brother liked his present of a t shirt from G Star. I knew he would, I bought the one I found least offensive. So it was the best of the bunch that I would never wear, I can live with that. My mum won’t open hers until tomorrow which is her birthday. Irritating but never mind. Off for a meal soon. It was supposed to be a surprise, but alas my dad told her as he has no sense of sentiment and likes to spoil it. Let’s see what it’s like. On one has been to this place, The Mill. No one knows where it is. It’s the oddest thing I have ever done!

I got my birthday present yesterday. My mum has bought me a Brownie Pan, which has a grid-like separator so I can bake uniform brownies. Very cute, and practical. Again, it makes me feel very excited that I already have the apparatus ready for my bakery. Now I just need a fool proof brownie recipe….. Hmm I feel an Ina-like experiment session coming on.

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