Making life that bit better….

I needed a Le Creuset boost following the loss of my gorgeous red milk jug. I needed that bit of happy the Le Creuset bought into my life. I trawled TK Maxx and hoped to find a replacement. I couldn’t find it. I wanted red. I loved the red. I have sent out feelers cross-country for the discovery. I have purchased an insurance jug in cream, it matches my Nigella sugar bowl. But it’s not red. In the event the red beauty is found, cream will go back. Well, I doubt it will, but that is the plan. I gaze longingly at it, knowing that in the event I make a pudding where a butterscotch or toffee sauce is called for, I have the perfect receptical. I’m so sad.

I got Le Creuset mug on Saturday as well. I have yet to take it out the box. May save that for a mid-week boost. It was amusing the other week when I realised that eating new blueberry shredded wheats was the most exciting part of the day already, and that was pre 8am. What hope is there for the rest of my life? This week can’t go quick enough. Only a fortnight left after this week, then I will Chicago bound. I’m practically quaking with excitement at the blogging opportunities. Cupcakes, frozen yogurt, Whole Foods Market, Pizza, Mexican food…… I am dizzying with it all. I will no doubt be one of those geeky looking types in a Starbucks blogging away. But why not? It’s only like writing a diary, albeit a slightly less private diary.

I’m wondering what the weight gain will be post Chicago?I’m trying to plan plenty of exercise into my day. I think I can quite comfortably do this, whilst having a lot of time to myself. I love to shop, but there is only so much I can get up to in a week! Although I do want to try and get a few things. I will get a candy thermometer. Just ought of sheer curiosity. I also want to shop for some baking accessories. Ina always has some really cute tableware and baking tools, which I want to peruse. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn…… bring them on.

Another double bill of vintage Ina. Whilst it’s seven years old, it’s a real thrill to see new episodes, if you catch my drift. The coconut cupcakes she made were gorgeous looking, I will be trying it out in due course. She made an indonesian chicken dish, gorgeous sounding. I love it when she does something so easy but impressive looking. I think I will bake Friday night, ready for our trip to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday. Very excited about Cheshire Oaks, I will be looking for a Chicago night out outfit. All Saints is very big out on LA these days, so may look there. It’s almost haute couture in the US. Love it’s high street over here.

Right bed time for me. It’s been a long slog of a day. Full of cold, itchy eyes, and irritating case in court. Tomorrow does not bode much better. The darkest hour is always before the dawn…

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