Night in testing my new brownie pan equals major failure

I hate admitting to a kitchen disaster but here we go. I tried my new brownie pan, and followed the Brownie recipe on my Nigella app on my iPad. I preheated the oven, added the ingredients, all should have been ok. I heeded the warning about not over baking. Wrong! I under baked so significantly that when I tried to take them out the pan I watched it all ooze away. I caught the parchment paper and recovered it, but now I’m terrified of bloody brownies. I’ll bake them till they are as dry as all buggery.

I’m watching Ina taped from earlier with my bottom lip pouting. I knew I should have done cupcakes. Oh well. Nothing ventured. I have to try to get there eventually. I’m so tired after Body Attack and Body Pump. I was beyond useless today. I could not figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Men just are not supposed to be good at aerobics I thought but there are a few in there not looking like complete goons. It’s just me. I’m totally bemused when I hear some indecipherable mumble by the instructor then the whole class starts doing some weird combo in unison. I don’t get how they can understand it. Am I deaf or daft? Or a bit of both in an unfortunate combo? I must be.

Cheshire Oaks tomorrow! So excited! Cannot wait to see what goodies are on offer. M-c and I will be a ruthless coupling I can tell, by ruthless I mean no purchase will be considered a bad purchase. I want the brownies for the journey. I think it’s never too early on a voluntary trip to the Liverpool area for a sugar fix. Love it. Keep checking the oven, the brownies are coming on a treat. Thank god for baking parchment, it would have been all over.

Had a showdown with some punters today. Hateful people. Blinkered by themselves, they could not see the real reason why everyone was talking to them about what we think they ought do to improve their child’s quality of life. I had to shout at them to bloody shut up, they were jabbering on so much about themselves. There is nothing like being short tempered in these circumstances, it cuts the crap.

So the brownies are out the oven. I just ate one, that I hastily took out as I was so blooming hungry. And I loved it. Rich, gooey, awesome. I can now retire to bed contented. How rock and roll, it’s not even 10.15pm and I’m fit to pass out in my bed. That’s just how I roll these days.

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