I like to do as much preparation in advance…..

Today has been a moderately successful day in Adam world. Woke up to the most grim weather one could imagine. It’s amazing, the weather does put a spin on your day. Dank, dark, muggy mornings make you walk that touch slower, with a touch more reluctance, it like I was trudging through some thick blanket of misery and anticipation of the months of autumnal cum wintry murkiness.

I arrived at the office buoyed by the ability to wear my new Fat Face woolly hat. The same one I liked last year but which was never cheap enough. I was so happy to be snug in the hat. Court was a nightmare. It’s so bloody hard sometimes, as you never know what way the pendulum will swing, you take your chances based on where in the daily, monthly, hourly cycle they are. What should have been an hour maximum job, turned into a full morning. I needed out the office as soon as I got back in. I grabbed my bag and fled to my salvation store. And TK did me proud, I managed to find a copy of the book I regretted not getting. The Bake-a-Boo Bakery book is a baking book by a woman who owns a tea room but who is a coeliac. I had regretted not getting a copy a few weeks ago. It’s fabulous. Anne called to say she had bought a book by Tamasin Day Lewis, that overly long maned, crappy pan owning lady chef of Good Food channel programmes fame. Her kids are called Bambi and Foetus or something poncey and middle class, not for me but still.

I no longer feel like a second class citizen. James Tanner of Tanner Brothers and Ready Steady Cook fame was spotted perusing the cook books in TK. The unusual selection, usually Worrall Thompson, Gregg Wallace, Tana Ramsey and James Martin heavy, opens the prospect of an unusual find. Like the Larousse Gastronomie’s they had in for £12 last christmas, or the Clarissa Dickson Wright Sunday Lunch book I got for a fiver. It’s like the prospect of a car boot without having to rummage through someone else’s shit,

I had an Out of Office meeting this afternoon. Very exciting stuff. Hoping a local firm will be offering some help and sponsorship. Fingers crossed. We may need to learn to share our brand, which will be hard. Indeed, you have to let go of something you have nurtured and you are about to see blossom, but I think if it is going to properly bloom it needs some fresh blood as well. So excited to see where this venture goes. In my head I’m planning the gay version of Live Aid. In reality it’s nothing of the sort. But it is so fresh in terms of what Sheffield has to offer, it would be silly not to jump at the prospect of moving things forward. Fingers crossed people think the same.

Lamb meatballs and macaroni tonight. Fabulous dinner. Sometimes I show a spark of genius. Added carrot. Again, genius. And Rosemary. It’s not thyme but nearly in my mind. Love it. Love that you can smell it around the house when you have used it, it lingers, a very welcome aroma. Pasta, meatballs, and While You Were Sleeping. Monday could not be improved upon in my opinion. That film is a favourite. I love it. It’s set in Chicago as well, which is a bonus. Sandra Bullock is amazing. She is so loveable, I can see why we all hate that Jesse James Nazi fascist. I can’t wait to get to Chicago now. I hope that there is a bit of Christmas around the city, at least some gifts and baking paraphernalia. I love christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. It’s a shame I can’t make it last a bit longer, seeing as this year I spend the big day in France. I wonder if it will be a joyeaux Noel…….

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