I thought why not make dinner from food I have in my kitchen- Sunday’s tale

So after a rubbish nights sleep I awoke wintering what today held in store. I have felt oddly isolated and alone seeing as Pete is away, but alas I felt I needed to tackle the day outright. I was washed and dressed before Andrew Marr had bid farewell to his guests. When I’m feeling really lonely I always get a craving for company, but the sort of company you don’t really have to engage with. Crowds make me feel better. And the milk tasted a bit funny. I needed a trip to the supermarket to get supplies. You will note a pattern forming. When I need realistically to conserve money I always make the mistake of going to Waitrose. All I needed was a bottle of lime juice (49p) and milk.

So I arrive. I buy apples, pasta, bloody expensive chorizo, lardons, cereal, washing up liquid….. And then comes the kitchenware department. Le Creuset mugs. Reduced by 2/3. I could not resist. So my trolley filled. And filled with more unnecessary crap. £50 worth of crap. Fabulous.

So I made coconut cupcakes. I amended the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. I added a teaspoon of almond essence to the batter, it balanced the sweet sweetness of the vanilla and coconut milk. The icing was my stroke of inspiration. Last time I made them I found it all a bit too sweet, so this time I added a tablespoon and half of lime juice to the 25 ml of coconut milk you add to the icing sugar and butter combo. Gorgeous. That little bit of sharp offset the sweetness and made it that much more interesting.

I also made a lamb dinner. Gorgeous. I prepared it ready for Pete’s arrival home. Crispy roast potatoes, broccoli, honey roasted carrots. Tasty, with home made gravy using the roasting tray. It was perfection. Imagine my dismay to learn that disagreeable nation the French were striking, which left Pete delayed by nearly an hour. I was gutted. I kept it warm but it is never as good as it is when everything is just cooked and ready to eat. But either way, major brownie points were scored. Pete was happy to be back and to see me, as was I to see him. Finally got a good nights sleep. I didn’t sleep at all without him by my side. It’s amazing how much you get used to someone, it took my by surprise how much I had forgotten how to function by myself. I used to get up and get on with my day and function as an individual whilst living alone in my flat. In Pete’s house, with Pete’s things in the place we live together, I was lost. I felt like I did not know what I was supposed to be doing. I washed, ironed, baked, and moped. Not in that order but in equal measure.

But that all stopped when Pete got back. I finally had that extra part of me back. I finally had purpose back in my life. We are not a flighty couple, we don’t spend time apart, we are always together. So when he goes, I’m lost, if I go he feels lost. This is why the beginning of Up made me bulb like a baby. I just broke down when I saw it for the first time yesterday. It made me all the sadder. Not ideal when you are on your own like a blubbering idiot. Anyway, weekend done, bring on Monday.

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