That’s my kinda dinner, fast, tasty…..

Today was a strange day all in all. I had a weird time in court, three cases in lead to me being in a whirlwind of running around spreading myself infinitely thinly. Had another strange experience whereupon I was speaking to a social worker, who spoke to her manager, who spoke to my manager who then in turn passed the message on to me. It was a weird chain of command conversation that was ultimately a bit of a time waster as it meant it took double the amount of time to pass on instructions, and I still have been unable to have the full conversations I needed to have. Things like this make life just that bit harder sometimes.

Had a lunchtime dash to Mucky Rita’s for a potato. Simple pleasure today. No shopping. I could not be bothered and I have to be sensible, in two weeks time I will be on holiday in Chicago and won’t have anything better to do than shop! Fortunately I have this voucher to spend on a theatre trip to London. I am slightly amused by this tho, seeing as how I now discover that half the plays we’d like to see finish at the end of October! But alas Oliver! continues to wow the West End starring Russ Abbott, so I think we are on to a winner there! Plans are afoot for a two day mini break to take in this wonderment.

Body Pump 75 was launched today at the gym. My classmates at the gym seemed very excited. The rude intense girl legged it home then back to the gym it appears, and was full of her own self importance. She talks a lot about training to be an instructor, which may drive me outta there. She is always so vile, and is so cliquey, I can’t stand the idea of her going from queen attendee bee to the inner circle is frightening.

Very tired tonight. Two reduced price Pizza Express pizzas and the leftover meatballs and sauce over gnocchi was the ten minute tea on tonights menu. Lovely, but has added to the extreme lethargy. I’m writing this under very heavy eye lids, ready to drop. I get so exhausted these days, I don’t know why. I wonder whether I’m a lazy mardy swine some days. I just struggle so much with everyday life, I struggle then to find the motivation to live that little bit of life I’m handed at the end of the working day. It’s just not very easy to find that drive. I just want to sit down, watch Ina roasting some asparagus and cooking a piece of lamb I could never afford. All this comfort has led me to be a bit, well, bone idle.

I’m watching Eat Yourself Sexy with Gillian McKeith. They talk about sunflower seeds and mung beans being the key to great energy. Really? Oh well, apathy and lack of energy will prevail if that is the crap I’m supposed to eat. This guy just said he wants to rip his wife’s dress off due to her diet and weight loss, and she says her libido is through the roof. Another reason why I don’t think I’ll be eating mung beans. There is no time for any of that these days! Not with so many episodes of Barefoot Contessa on my Sky planner I need to catch up on.

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