Guess who has some new toys?

Yes that’s right. I got the iPad camera connector and a camera, more importantly. I’m a bit sulky at the moment as I have already scuffed the camera, don’t know how.

But it takes fab pictures. Like this one here, of the coffee and walnut cake I made on Thursday. You can see how good the camera is by the fact undoubtedly your first thoughts will be why is there two inches of frosting in the middle? That will be because the sponge sank as it takes longer in my oven than in Nigella’s, Ina’s or anyone other person whose recipe I’m utilising seems to indicate. I really must buy a thermometer to check the accuracy of the dial, as I think it might be short of the mark, if you pardon the gas related pun.

We went to Meadowhall today. I got a new top. Ooh, thought while blogging, I should try it on and post a photo! Hang on just a second….

Very french Pete said. Therefore I have posed with Julia Child. It’s a slightly shiny turtleneck. Not much to say. But I loved it so had to buy it. Bugger it, pay day has just gone and I don’t know how many more I will have.

Finished watching Up. How very cute. I didn’t see that plot twist with talking dogs and a bird named Kevin coming, and the villainous adventurer who I think was voiced by Captain Von Trapp. Loved it.

Lazy indulgent Saturdays are amazing. When else can you spend time with your iPad watching Nigella at 8ish, lazy time eating toast watching BBC Breakfast, some Saturday Kitchen, kitchen cleaning, Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics on Food Network, encore of Nigella on BBC 1, shopping, Mexican lunch then reality tv with two dine for £10? Bring on some more.

So here is a photo of our current position post shopping:

Pete is honestly happy to be in my company. Honest.

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