Even lazier sunday. How fabulous is that?

Well, Pete and I had planned a Sunday morning run. Woke up to the most torrential rain, so that was initially cancelled, but we ventured out to the gym instead. Weirdly, there was a massive queue of cars waiting to get in the car park, just sat with their engines off. We parked in a local multi storey due to the fact we didn’t really want to be there, and we certainly weren’t hanging round for the pain to be extended.

We returned home to do some washing and tidying around the house. Next weekend and several nights this week will be dedicated to Chicago preparations. It’s so exciting to think it’s about 11 days till I will be blogging to you from Chi-Town. We watched The Time Travellers Wife again last night. The film is pretty crappy but a bit of Chicago scenery ain’t too bad! I am still upset that a book I was crazy about was made into a fairly dull film.

I decided to try out the marauding teenager recipe that Nigella made this week. That’s the pasta and salami one, not some cannibalistic recipe. Was really lovely actually, I added peas instead of the cannellini beans, simply because I don’t carry a stock of cannellini beans. Was very tasty, and so quick. The whole idea of adding a bit of the starchy cooking water from the pasta I have always resisted. I remember Jamie Oliver did it with a pasta with savoy cabbage and no real liquid sauce in the Return of the Naked Chef book, which I was always too nervous to try. But it does work. I’m a conventionalist and I do enjoy a tomato or cream based pasta sauce. These people who say I like pasta with just butter and a bit of thyme I don’t get. I mean, I love thyme, that’s something Nigella, Catherine and I have in common, a real love of thyme. But whilst I love pasta, love thyme and also love butter, I think together it sounds bland.

I’m watching Ina whilst Pete takes a bath. Here we are:

I’m sure you are pleased to be seeing Ina and I, not me and a bathing Pete, listening to the Top 40 with a glass of Vin Blanc. She is making dinner for friends. She said it was going to be easy. At the moment, she has made a sorbet in her ice cream maker, and is moulding it in one bowl with another sat on top so she could make an Ice Cream Bombe. If you have to make three types of ice cream, mould it over a period of three or more hours, and make it in so many stages just in the vain hope that it sets and you can cut chunks out of it, that is not easy Ina. Fabulous, but its far too labour intensive. I certainly could not rustle this up on a Monday night when I have people coming over to watch a film and have tea. But to be honest, no one is ever invited over to ours midweek unless they are fully aware they shall have something done in advance or rustled up quickly. It would not be chicken with 40 cloves of garlic cooked in an over for up to two hours.

She has a friend buying popcorn with a necklace outside of his sweater. Unless it’s comedy ghetto gold, or oversized beads on a slightly Boho or vintage outfit for a girl, my opinion is you should put your jewellery away. I love that Jeffrey works away Monday to Friday so Ina has these gay husbands on speed dial. How fabulous for Jeffrey knowing she has all these men who can help her of she is in need of any assistance, however none are a threat. And looking at the sweaters, it’s a very colourful existence. Although surely if there is any assistance needed, Barbara is there. Barbara was referred to before as her friend Cassandra’s mother. I hope their working relationship is not over.

Dinner is in the oven. It’s shepherds pie. I have made the sauce by reducing some balsamic vinegar, worcestershire sauce with some cherry tomatoes and added a glug of white wine. Smells gorgeous, and it tasted amazing, really sweet which is good with lamb.

The glug of course complemented the one in my glass. And yes, I’m cooking in my pj’s, which is a real guilty pleasure of mine.

Pete was watching Hannibal Rising before, which was not my cup of tea whatsoever. I spent a couple of hours with my new baking book, The Bake A Boo Bakery cookbook, which looks a little like this

It was a glorious TK Maxx find, and I bought it primarily for the gluten free recipes it had in it. But if I had foreseen it was just saying use gluten free flour and baking powder I maybe wouldn’t have got it, seeing as even I could have got there with gluten free recipe development. But it is a lovely book, as it takes you away from the modern cupcake obsessive baking, and takes you to a rather more traditional place with tea loaves, simnel cake, biscuit recipes and makes it rather more grandma’s tea time treat, and altogether English. Love that. I’m increasingly chintzy in taste, which is worrying. My mum likes all things floral, and I was shrouded by Sanderson floral fabrics, portmeirion china, and very much not a minimalist taste household growing up. I never realised it planted a seed. Let’s hope it’s shared by Pete, otherwise we’ll have a real clash.

X Factor final twelve reveal later. Hmm. I’m almost bothered, but not quite. I think this will be the year of Strictly in my opinion. It will all be about the Widdecombe if last night is anything to go on.

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