The morning after the night before

So today was the first day of a crazy week whereupon I was preparing myself for a day prepping cases for the duration of my holiday. It sounds weird, a week prepping for the next week. But over the next few weeks, I have numerous contested hearings, final hearings etc which need counsel to be instructed, and I cannot drop the ball. My fantastic assistant is on the ball with certain aspects so I’m just keen to make sure I do my part.

However the world sometimes has other ideas. By the world, I mean me. I was stuck in court until after three pm. It was a horrible day really. By the time I was back in the office, I no longer wanted any dinner, I just had an apple and a banana. So it was one nil to me and my pre-Chicago body blitz. Gym was a bit of a bust tho, only managed thirty minutes on the treadmill and thirty minutes on the cross trainer before I got too bored and buggered off. Very odd moment when I walked into the changing room to witness a guy lotioning his penis with what I can only describe as a masturbatory style motion. I have never seen anyone pay such attention to something like that in a communal area. Very bizarre.

Burrito night tonight. We need to get rid of as much food as possible before Chicago. Our food bill is quite indulgent. I think it’s my Marks and Spencer and Waitrose love. But I just can’t quit the habit. I love caramelised red onion chutney, I love nice pasta. I don’t want to scrimp and save on food. It’s the nicest thing I do in my day. I can’t stand the thought that even that will be a bit less nice.

Ina was making duck and some creamed corn, and a tomato salad. I do find five minutes on what was two types of tomatoes with salt and olive oil to be money for old rope! The apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice-cream was lovely though. I do think I may need an ice-cream maker in my life. They are quite cheap as well, for a magimix or cuisinart one. Think I should invest.

Right, quite short and free from photos today. Just a bit tired, so off to bedfordshire. So my child benefit for my hypothetical child would still be payable. That’s a relief. £200 a month. Let’s face it, I’d be feeding that child the best of everything. £200 won’t even cover my homemade rusk ingredient bill.

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