I’m going to make my friends a cocktail, this is a party, so I’m making a lemsip blackcurrant

I don’t know where my congestion attacks come from some days. I woke up feeling ok, generally just a bit grumpy about getting up and having to leave the house, but nothing untoward. But I arrive at work, feel a tad down at heel, but carry on regardless. As the morning dragged on, I felt something just swell inside my head, that feeling like something is expanding across your nose, into your temples and pressure is being placed behind your eyes making me feel generally manky.

No one has sneezing fits like me. I am physically in able to sneeze once. It’s just literally impossible. If I sneeze, I sneeze seven times in succession. I have been sneezing almost literally all day. My nose is so sore I became this irritant in the office going sneeze times seven, ooh ooh ooh my nose, sneeze seven times ooh my poor nose sneeze times seven bloody hell my nose hurts etc. I think by the end of the day the staff at work must have thought it best to ignore me and were probably wishing a sore throat and loss of voice on me for good measure.

I’m feeling a tad sulky as a result. At lunch I popped out with M-C to have a nose around town. I managed to find the oven thermometer I wanted in TK for next to nothing. By the time the Christmas temp had figured out how to work the till I had been waiting in line for ages, so my £2.99 purchase was soon a lot more due to the fact I had bought jelly beans, a bar of Lindt chocolate and a bag of liquorice for M-C. Thank god I didn’t do my usual click click happy trigger finger purchasing on Amazon as I nearly did when it came to the thermometer as I would have sent over three times the amount on the same apparatus.

I’m also happy to announce Liz Earle has landed at John Lewis Sheffield. I met the nice girl who is employed there, and had a nice chat with her about the range, and got a free sample of the hair care range. It was single handedly one of the gayest exchanges I think I can recall me having in a long time. When discussing how I use my starter kit zip up bags for travel, as a place to keep my damp muslin cloths, when I was discussing the eyebright treatment benefits, when chatting about the nourishing treatment mask, I really at that moment knew I was at my gayest. I’m not sure M-C could comprehend how I went from average gay to pretty much an amalgamation of every camp stereotype gay, a blended up version of Antony Cotton, Larry Grayson, Julian Clary, that mincing hair dresser from Cutting It, both of Diva Fever, Louis Walsh for good measure, Craig and Bruno from Strictly Come Dancing and every gay best friend from every chick flick ever made. I was supergay. But I do love my Liz. It’s gonna get expensive. And I’m gonna be extravagant with Liz at Christmas if it will be that easy, I can see it now.

Tea was an Ina inspired sautéed cabbage served with left over shepherds pie. Lovely. So much better than boiled cabbage, I don’t think I’ll do that to a perfectly good cabbage again. I popped into M&S and Sainsburys after work to replenish supplies. Got two packs of green curry stir fries with chick peas to do for tea tomorrow, and some chicken drumsticks as the requisite meat, although I had forgotten we have Pete’s friend from work for tea Thursday which means I have to sort that tea out as well. Think I will just do a fall back tagine that day, which I can sort tomorrow night then reheat. It just saves the hassle.

Ina is now going Back to Basics weeknights on Food Network. I’m a bit gutted as I was enjoying vintage Ina. Her good friend Eli Zabar was featuring fairly often, as well as that woman from Loaves and Fishes, Anna. Later on in more recent series she did this thing of going in and saying hi Anna how are you as if they are passing acquaintances, which I never bought, This confirms my suspicions that Ina was trying to confirm this humble bakery as a destination bakery for culinary trips around the states. I’m sold, I’m telling you. TR wants to save me some meringues. But I remember when TR bought those meringues. $12 for three. At $4 a meringue I’d want it to fold out into a starter or a side for a main as well. That’s gotta be some shit hot egg white and sugar gone in that bad boy.

Tonight was the back to basics that inspired one of my original posts, when I made the Mac and Cheese. When Ina and Michael did the welcome home treat for their friends who went to London and judging from the weight of the cases they carried took nothing but polystyrene foam. Great episode, but it appears that people in the Hamptons have decorated their houses in this oldey worldy victoriana style, which is ironic because in the US they have three styles- civil war, 70’s Dallas style or modern. They distinctly lack period features. It’s a weird place where style seems devoid. Except at Ina’s which looks clean, modern, fabulous. But other peoples homes seem a bit care home cum antiques showroom. I can’t understand it really. I think people have been to the UK, visited Chatsworth, quite rightly loved that glorious glorious place, and have tried to recreate it on the east coast of the states. I appreciate the theory but in practice it’s a bit odd, as the houses in this context are totally wrong. But as always I’m jealous. I mean, tonic with my cold I would have loved an Ina intervention. I had to take comfort from a metaphorical Ina hug from the tasty cabbage. And then got some further comfort from two of my closest friends, Ben and Jerry. Thanks boys. Your support is critical at these times. And much love to my Swiss friend Mr Lindt as well. Your efforts are tireless.

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