The butters got be really cold, otherwise you end up with hockey pucks

So tonight has been the night of two teas. Let me take you back to the start.

Had a good day all in all. Holiday note on my work files is done, so that’s ready to just tape to my screen. Lots of work on my files is finished, bar a few dictation pieces that I must tackle in the morning. But all in all my work seems pretty done and settled. Touch wood.

So my next challenge will be prepping for Chicago. I was thinking that ought be tonights job but alas I had pre-committed to going out for dinner. Pete was focused on going to the gym, seeing as his Tuesday sessions are out the window now he has returned to college, so I was less inclined to be home as he was likely to make his guest appearance around 9pm.

I was leaving work when the thought struck me that I ought get an idea as to whether we were going for dinner or just going round to chat. I put in a call, but alas no response was forthcoming. So I did some gnocchi and chorizo and had a bite to eat. Alas, upon our arrival at Rachel’s, there was dinner. Prepared. Fortunately, Rachel did a help yourself spread. It’s amazing how a sociable dinner takes the focus away from your plate and onto everyone else’s. If I ever develop an eating disorder, buffet eating will become order of the day. I’m a bit stuffed now, but it was a fairly light dinner. No bread, thank heavens, but it has been a potato rich day, jacket for lunch, gnocchi and baked numbers for tea. Starchy, I’ll sleep well tonight.

Caught Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals tonight. Peri peri chicken and custard tarts. Alas, what I feared happens happened. I’d seen him cook two of the dishes over the years before. Definitely the custard tarts I have, as well as the potatoes and feta combo. I’m not sure where I stand on peri peri chicken. I’m not a Nandos fan, so don’t know if i’m that bothered all in all. I think I need to give it another go. I like the bottomless fro yo, otherwise I’m not sure I care much for the chicken house. Ooh fro yo. I’ll hit MC and Amy up about that for lunch tomorrow. I think Jamie’s new show is a good one for him tho, as it’s more about his style of cooking and less about his gardener etc. I enjoyed it really, it was like Rachel Ray but less annoying. She adds stupid things like seafood seasoning or bay seasoning etc, ins that seemingly in the states are known, but over here just sound made up. If you need spices, tell me which ones. Don’t get no combo pot and just add that. That’s lazy girlfriend, lazy I tell you. Jamie actually used ingredients In his dishes. It wasn’t all I’m making a peri peri chicken dish, get a Nandos marinade et voilà, add it to chicken. Although that would be funny.

Right, short and sweet after two and a half glasses of Shiraz. Early start tomorrow. But I break up tomorrow. Hurrah! I love it. Hopefully i will sleep better tomorrow. So sleep deprived. Having weird dreams as a result. Touch wood it will all be happy thoughts of Chi-town blogging tonight. Can’t wait to take you guys on a tour of the Midwest. Bring on that chrome bean.

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