A new blog is like an old friend

Great news, found an old friend’s blog today. Never hear a peep from them these days, but it’s nice to be able to read an update of their lives on a day to day basis. Or ween by week, depending on how much time I have. And let’s face it, between work, marathon training, Ina Garten viewing, baking Nigella recipes, spending time with Pete and trying to keep this blog up to date, I’m not sure when I will get the opportunity to keep the reading up to date.

Work was weird today. One minute I was doing ok, the next not so much, but the whole time I have been able to keep certain balls in the air. I am finally embarking on a holiday where everyone has a holiday note on the files they are covering for me, and there are about 6 copies of a holiday note I have done dotted about the office for them to see. It’s almost scary being efficient for once. Almost dropped the ball a bit on one thing, tho. Rushing made me do a bit of a dubious job, but I sorted it out. A problem can only surely be a problem if you don’t sort out a solution, right? Right? Who knows.

Anyway, I have broken up ready for Chicago! Gutted the marathon has not coincided, but maybe that’s a good thing. If I hated my way around a 10k at the weekend, I obviously am not in a 26.2m place right now. I am really mentally struggling with the thought of Brighton in April. I have the fear of 26.2m right now. I remember the sheer pain that I felt around the streets of LA. The hatred I had for myself! Maybe if I had remembered my headphones I would have beaten the mind games. I could have dealt with the tedium around Beverley Hills. I could have stopped myself from crying to complete strangers around Santa Monica to the point at they hid their children from me.

I watched a bit of Barefoot Contessa tonight but I’m so distracted about Chicago! I need to read our guidebook and figure out what we’re gonna do, it’s not enough to just want o see a big giant chrome bean. Or to want to go on a Segway tour of the city with a group of other pensioners. And to want to shop. A lot. Although I must do more than that otherwise I may as well have gone and spent a week in a hotel at Meadowhall or the Trafford Centre or something. I do love a city where the gay area is called Boystown. No vaginas here! Our supermarkets are feminine hygiene product free! No Melissa Etheridge records allowed in our HMV! I’m not sure if that’s the actual case. Although I do understand that when they broadcast The L Word in Boystown, they replace it with the testcard.

I’m half watching last weeks Fringe. It’s gone a bit too trippy for my liking. I get what they are doing with this whole parallel universe thing, but it’s getting in the way of me being able to multitask. I occasionally have to engage my brain as I try to come up with these smart arsed witticisms. Uncle Buck’s girlfriend is now playing Olivia’s mum. I love a little game of what have we seen her in before. Particularly when the “her” or indeed “him” has aged rather unfortunately or has got particularly fat. Great comfort.

Tonight at Body Pump a guy who looked like a chubby version of the welsh boy who didn’t make it through to the live finals in X Factor was making an appearance. He annoyed me when he was being horrendously over familiar with the instructor. I hate over familiar people. I was amazed by the weight he was lifting. About three times what I could do. But I don’t understand why you would put so much effort into lifting a substantial amount of weight but have a massive belly. It’s like working so hard towards achieving a goal, which will undoubtedly be unrecognised due to ongoing gluttony and beer consumption. We seem to have been overtaken by newbies and students. I think the dark nights act as a catalyst for people starting to exercise again. I’m hoping they return home to ignorance, food and red wine soon enough,

Although, let’s face, they can do what they like until the 25th October. I’m outta here!

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2 thoughts on “A new blog is like an old friend

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  1. hola ADMAN!!!!!! i've had to google this barefoot woman, thought it was about that annoying trend in barefoot running. but thankfully no, it's about domestic bliss, how easy is that?!

    have a great trip, despite the lack of fanny. maybe we could meet up soon. i'm starting a course at sheff. hallam in jan.


  2. Absolutely! And if you and Jane ever want to come and stay you are more than welcome. We are very countryside adjacent in Sheffield, seeing asyou seem to be very outdoorsy these days! I'm the same as I ever was alas. Tres metropolitan! But more active than I was. Who knew that we would become sporty. No one during the period of Dirty Bensons Shire News hilarity.

    I'm notnsure you'll get the Barefoot Contessa but you'll see why I do. Woman plus stand mixer plus butter plus gays equals an icon in my book!

    Love her! Xxxx


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