In the wee small hours of the morning

Pete is fast asleep. I’m sat in the living area of our suite watching My Own Private Idaho. Talk about a bit of lite entertainment. Male prostitution is a laugh a minute at 5 o clock in the morning. It’s better than Itty Bitty Titty Committee which preceded it. That was as good as the title was ever going to be.

Ooh channel surfed. Found the Zumba infomercial. Awesome. Spice up my body, Beto!

We arrived and marvelled at our hotel. It’s awesome. The rooms are amazing. I won’t attach a photo as it’s a bit dishevelled at the moment. But I soon will. It. Was madness to see it. Jacuzzi bath, walk in shower, separate living room, two 37″ HD TV’s. It’s a lifestyle Pete and I are not accustomed to. And right in the thick of it. We went to get Pete registered, then walked back through the streets, allowing ourselves to get a bit off the beaten track.

It’s incredible. It’s everything LA isn’t. It’s quite mixed building style wise, you see that they have allowed new development to wrap around wizened old art deco buildings. It feels so exciting. I got very excited. Some guy asked me directions, I had to say I ain’t got a clue mate, i’m English. He seemed to think that was the most hilarious thing he has heard all day.

We headed back to the hotel via the Whole Foods Market. We had some hot food, and bought some breakfast stuff and nibbles for the room. Alas the Fro yo place down the road is closed. The sign says “we deliver”. You’re closed. You ain’t delivering on any level to me. Let down.

Right, what to do now. I’m currently sat in the living room in a very straight dressing gown. To say this is not a gay hotel, they have some left field choices when it comes to dressing gowns.

My current look is very Julie Goodyear. I feel so butch.

Going to visit an area previously populated by Swedish people, now very LGBT. Can’t wait.

Oh my god. There is an advert for clitoral massagers on. Apparently they will blow your hair back. I’m not sure who came up with that motto, but it’s bloody rubbish, I don’t suppose women buy these as an alternative to back combing, more as a chance to get off. Rubbish.

Right, let’s try for more sleep or go to the gym, let’s do something. Will report back on my adventures later.

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  1. hilarious, i'd forgotten how good at writing you are. what's pete registering for? does he need to check in with a probation officer or something?!
    ….i can't remember where it is but there's a great blues club that has a bar down the centre, splitting the room in two. they would have 2 bands playing at the same time, in a kinda blues-off. and which ever side of the bar was most full and won…or something like that. anyway, go find some blues!


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