Hmm I love this city. Already.

So today started prematurely, as I previously announced. It began with a trip to the gym, running for an hour, which really got my bloody pumping and the adrenaline levels high. I walked Pete to the conference venue, whilst I sought out an El so I could get to Wicker Park. Whilst on the platform, I was approached by some native Chicagoer with badly dyed hair, cheap faux leather boots, short skirt, laddered tights and lots of cheap gold, trying to get me to change her money. For no apparent reason. I, fortunately, am a very adept liar, and got rid of her. Some dude then came up to me and just said “she’s my wife. You do know that right?”. I just said yes, sure. Who the hell knows what he told me that for. Must have thought I was eying her up. Wrong on so many levels. Was texting Catherine whilst about to jump on. I loved the El. It’s as mucky as any underground I have ever seen, but it’s something about being right there amongst the fabric of the buildings. It’s like the El is so much more integral, it’s literally holding together and connecting the city.

Got to Wicker Park. The park itself is shit. But around it were lots of little stores, cafe’s and grocery stores which were very cute. I wandered around fir a couple of hours, before heading back to downtown. There I got off the El at a station where I liked the name. I found a branch of Anthropologie where I managed to get gifts for my mum and Pete’s baby niece. Really cute things. I then found a lot of discount stores, like a Nordstrom Rack store, where I found the cutest Armani beanie. A snip at $84. Back on the rack at. Nordstrom Rack for that. I walked up and down North State Street for an hour or so, loved it. Except for the sheer number of limbless beggars and charity donation seekers. It’s worse than Fargate in Sheffield. Nothing makes me less charitable than youths with dreadlocks and nose rings.

Pete met me back at the hotel. We worked out our plan of action for the rest of the day. We grabbed some lunch at Chilis, some Tex mex chain restaurant which was quite nice. Pint with lunch is very extravagant and exciting. We then headed to Millennium Park via Michigan Avenue. So of course we called into a couple of shops. First of all was Levis. We both bought the same pair of skinny jeans from the sale rack. $20 a pair. Can’t be bad. We walked to Millennium Park to see The Bean. It so didn’t disappoint.

Awesome. I cannot tell you how it thrilled me. And you cannot help becoming the biggest geek in it’s presence.

I literally have hundreds like this. It’s just madness, how you get caught up in this big shiny sculpture. It just ties up the city, you are literally enveloped in every side of what you are looking at.

We left the bean and I took Pete shopping. All the way up the Magnificent Mile. It got very tiring and difficult as we hit Bloomingdakes and J Crew at the 900 shops right at the end of the mile, but we saw it through. We then went to Abercrombie and Fitch. Again, we both liked a t shirt so bought one each. We’ll just have to ration when we are allowed to wear it. Quite cute really.

So another kick ass Chicago night. On a Friday night. We picked up a pizza, a bottle of red and are sat in watching The Holiday! Madness. Pete has to be at class at 8.30am, so we have had to ration the late nights. He is maxed out on the sofa whilst I’m blogging, he’s shattered. I walked him to death.

I’m meeting Amber in the morning for a trip to a food market then to Lincoln Park Zoo. Can’t wait! Then it’s Boys night in Boystown tomorrow. Very very excited about that one. Will give you all the gory details later!

I’ll leave you with a view from Magnificent Mile tonight.

Like I say, love this city. Just got to locate this Blues off Kate’s talking about. Will make my life!

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