Dark nights and a lost day

Alas there have been some dark moments in Chicago. Not least my wallet and camera being stolen whilst I was coming home after a night out in Boystown. Alas, I have been very upset over it, but have the perspective to know that seeing as I have only lost a handful of photos as I have been loading them onto my iPad. I will now have to see if my insurance company will give me money back for at least the camera so I can replace it. Fingers crossed they will.

So other than that what have been up to? Sadly, that’s a terrible end to a great holiday. The night out was amazingly good fun until then. There was a drag show where one of the queens looked the spit of Alicia Douvall. There was also a big drag queen who looked like modern day Aretha Franklin singing a Missy Elliott rap number. Awesome. Lots of energy for a big lass.

We’d been out during the day to the Art Institute and also to Andersonville, which was really cool. Very Swedish and Gay. Very specialist area. There was a lesbian couple on an adjacent table who had a copy of the Femal Eunuch with them and a purse with a photo of a vagina on it. Why lesbians, why?

Tuesday was more shopping really. Good day tho, we found some nice places. Comedy lunch when Pete saw Tuna and cottage cheese on the salad menu and this arrived:

Melon, strawberries, one lettuce leaf and tuna and cottage cheese. When in the world did that become a happy concoction?

We went out that night to a mexican called mercaditos or something, really good tacos. And loved the margaritas.

Only issue was the tables were literally inches from the next. We were basically eating with these other people. A girl wee started chatting to who was all about herself, so we tired of her, and some people who were beyond gay. There isn’t a label to describe how gay they were.

We left the restaurant and went to a piano bar called The Redhead Piano Bar. Now as you can see, we were casual. We had to keep our coats on to meet the collar requirement. But the issue was Pete’s Converse, this was a no go. He had to borrow some shoes. Shoes which resembled my Grandad’s shoes, some foot gloves to be soft around his bunion.

Vile. To add insult to injury the barmaid incident will go down in history as one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me. She basically stood at the opposite end of the room chatting and did the odd turn. We waited about five minutes for her to come round to get us more $7 beers, but she didn’t so Pete went to the bar. As we finished up, she came with the bill, we gave her the exact change. She wouldn’t go. She said this is without gratuity. I said well isn’t that to our discretion, she said honey what do I work for? At the end of the day how was I to answer that one? But she basically said why don’t you give me my tip now. I told her I wanted to leave it on the table, if she cared to leave us to assess it. Let’s just say, she got less of a tip for being 1) the least attentive waitress ever and 2) for attempting to shame us into tipping her in the first place.

Right, so yesterday was spent groggily calling credit card companies and the like, then recovering from the horrendous experiences of the previous evening. We had a takeout in bed watching law and order episodes. I do enjoy Special Victims Unit. Rock and roll ain’t dead in Chicago.

Right, I will leave you with my favourite book title of the tip:

I’m going to find out what kind of farming and I’m going to adjust my diet accordingly.

And here is me eating another cupcake

I miss my camera.

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