Back in the UK

Greetings world. I’m back. As ilk be blogging. I’m a bit rusty at it all but here goes.

Final day was great. I had spent most if the previous day holed up, a bit blurred as a result of the events that had passed, and with the best and worst of US television as company. We had to check out of the hotel by midday the next day, so we went for breakfast at Yolk, a cool but surprisingly cheap haunt we went to for breakfast in Streeterville. Alas no photos as my camera was pinched. We then went round a few stores. Having gone around the room, and clearing out the safe that morning, we found a holy Grail, a duplicate card from Travelex for my account. The cash was still on it. $58 to be precise. Not a lot but more money to spend. Therefore I got to hit up Crate and Barrel for a cookie pan, a cake tester and a little thing to put used tea bags on. Awesome.

We then went for a Starbucks, whereupon my thick (the use of this word will be subjective, depending on your opinion of the West Midlands accent) UK tones were too confusing for the woman on the till, so after I told her what I had ordered and been given by her colleague, she heard Chicago mug (i.e. A ceramic beverage cup) as Chicago milk, and charged me for this. Comedy.

We wondered a bit more around the main strip of Michigan Avenue. I managed to replace my wallet with one from Guess Jeans. Nice, brown, with a coin section. Alas, that’s a holy Grail in the USA. Seeing as change seems to be completely frowned upon, and paper money is all the rage, it’s certainly all that waiting staff want. Don’t tip them in coins, I heard more than one go “great, give me all your quarters”. I felt like saying great, give me all your attitude, you ungrateful bastard. It’s very nice, if I had a camera I’d photograph it for you. Don’t worry, as soon as I can I’ll replace it and stop going on. Fingers crossed my insurance comes through. I’ve seen the same camera on sale everywhere now for the same price so I will simply replace the model.

Pete went a bit spend happy as well, getting a bag and a new top. I managed to bring some cash back and got per £100 cash back at Heathrow, so I was relieved about this, seeing as I have no recourse to money till my new cards come through. Imagine the horror when I got back and spoke to my bank, who told me the woman I spoke to on Wednesday had not cancelled my debit card, but again would I like to buy some ID theft cover blah blah blah. Again, I was annoyed by the Americanness of the sales op at any given event, but more by the fact the original woman had left me wide open to being robbed blind for three days. Grr.

Flight back was average. The entertainment system packed in, so no movies, tv nothing. Meant I got more sleep, but I had little choice. Very annoying. Food was crap as well, a rock hard roll, damp salad, average brownie pudding and a vile chicken and rice combo. Yak. Read and reread my Good Housekeeping. Love that magazine. Really good, may have to buy monthly. Where else do you get artichokes reviewing Aldi washing powder, interviews with Nigella, as well as being comfortable in your own skin by Emma Forbes, Gloria Hunniford and Pauline Quirke. Quite literally the gift that kept on giving.

Trip today to Home Sense. Managed to buy a recipe folder by Williams-Sonoma (fab US baking store, tres chic), the Cupcakes by the Primrose Bakery book (featuring a recommendation by both Nigella and Jude Law-how bloody random) and some Christmas cookie cutters. Very exciting stuff. Will review in good time.

Good news. Introduced Ina to my grandparents. My grandad thought she put things across well, my Nan wanted her pots and pans. Very exciting to spread the gospel according to Garten. Although it was the episode she made Baba au Ruhm and those floating island meringues. Not exactly the most everyday of recipes, so they were lost as to why you would spend so long making such intricate desserts, they are more rice pudding or fruit crumble kinda people.

Back in Sheffield now, and back to daily life tomorrow. Including Body Pump. Groan. Although so much additional weight to lose. Felt quite fat this weekend, bang back on UK soil with my US belly. I blame the portion sizes. Not my gluttony.

Hope my lack of postings has not caused any ill feeling, not ignoring or neglecting you, I’m afraid I just got lost in my holidays. Bad luck, you now get to share in the mundaneness of everything else.

Just to say sorry, here’s one last vintage shot from my holidays. Including my holiday beard.

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