Long day and achier legs

Ina tonight made two types of soup in the worlds biggest Le Creuset casserole dishes. One was a lentil and sausage soup, one was a fish stew. I know, I know, was it soup or stew? That was the conundrum we all faced throughout this episode. I don’t ultimately believe I know the difference any more at the end of the episode than I did at the start.

Why do I open with this? Because these two, enormous pans were like some form of mockery. Like someone was thumbing their nose at me after a day where all throughout the day I felt like I was taking three steps forward before someone dragged me back about 15 steps. I got to work, got to work prepping a to do list. How far did I get? Item two is crossed off. Items one three, four, five? All still there. I even ate lunch in the office, I didn’t leave the confines of my desk all day. But still, not much progress made in reality. No, I do myself a disservice, I’m up to date on my two most horrendous files. I’ve done a really big job, which was threatening to take up a lot of my time, which is now out the way. Tomorrow is big prep for big court date Thursday. Must have a clear day to sort all the stuff I must do out. Then Friday is Take That tickets, court and evening body pump.

Alas at the end of a mildly frustrating day, I grabbed my gym bag for a session at Body Pump. I looked in, zip was down following my fruit intake, and noted that my stupidity was endless. No shorts. Nice one Adam. The gym will love you squatting in CK briefs. You go girl. I had to dash up to TK, call Pete and ask him to set me up and buy some new shorts. In other news, bought very nice new shorts. Loved them.

Got to gym. Guess what? Class is full. I don’t get this. I have been going to this class regularly since the beginning of the year. On and off I’ve been a regular on Tuesdays for two years. Never before has it been full. At times, it’s been me and about 12 others. Now, it’s chock full. I’m not sure if this is the Closer magazine syndrome, the shape up for the season effect. Or is this the student factor? The undergraduates underwhelming further by taking up my place in the gym. Alas I had to gym it. Half an hour on the treadmill, half an hour cross training 100 crunches on the abdominal machine. Fabulous, but not what I wanted. I wanted my resistance workout. This was the gym god poking it’s tongue out at me. I did though get to see the oddest dressed people, including a student in black t shirt, blue shorts that were tighter than tight, green socks and little plimsoles. Odd.

Back home we went, via M and S. M and S curry for tea and milk for cereal in the morning. All planned and ready for action. Food really does make me happy. Cannot understand why everyone else is not a food obsessive. I ordered the Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals book today from the book man. I love that we still talk about the book man. I have never seen the same guy twice. The book man is a fleet of men. Or is working in a very dangerous field. Book men don’t last very long perhaps. Very excited to receive the end product next week.

Alas, it’s bed time. Will see you the other side for more of the same. I think I’m post holiday bluesy. And invariable very achey of leggage. And bruised of tail boney. That’s been one to describe. If a gay man walks a bit funny and sits gingerly, people at work do not seek an explanation, they assume it’s some carnal damage. If they only knew the truth, our bedtime pursuits were watching Spooks. The truth is I dropped to the floor to do sit ups because my legs were stiff post 75 minute run. I literally bruised my own arse. Fool.

Ina also showed me tonight how to keep sandwiches moist. What did I do before her? Her teachings can be taken straight to the bank. But she also made an entire leg of lamb, and I mean it’s part leg, whole shank and I’d say bit of shoulder, it was huge what she roasted. Then it turned out she had one friend come for dinner and they had three pieces each. Never before have the sums added up so wrong. It was sheer madness. And also a bit wasteful. I’m hoping Ina feeds her whole crew on the leftovers, otherwise I am a bit worried about her carbon footprint with the food wastage. Maybe her Italian friend took it home for his partner and adopted children. I’m wandering how expensive it would be for Ina if there was a gay friend day. She has so many gay friends, it’s untrue. I bet she just orders in bulk all new Barbra Streisand/ Kylie Minogue/ Cyndi Lauper CDs when they are released and calls it Christmas. A wicker basket, some raffia, a jar of Barefoot Contessa coffee, the CDs, some lubricant. Merry Christmas/ Happy Hannukah. Hey, works for me.

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