To the wire…

Yes I know, seven am is no time to be blogging. But I’m in no hurry to jumbo out of bed.

I have professed my determination to approach the return to work a bit less chaotically today than yesterday. I put yesterday down to feeling my way back in, sorting a few urgent consequences out and figuring out where else I need to sort some stuff out. All in all it was not as vile as I had predicted but not nearly as sweet as it could have been. It’s half term so a lot of people are off on vacation which irritated me no end, not least one barrister who it appears quite incorrectly threw me under the bus in court simply because I was not there. He will be facing some irritated grilling when I get the chance.

So let’s talk about Mondays highlight. Yes that’s right, lunch. My mum gave me one if those Innocent Snack Pots a veg masala one. Gorgeous, chick peas, butternut squash, aubergine. Loved it. Three of my five a day and damn tasty to boot. Will be having those more regularly from now on.

Flyers and posters are through for the do in November. Very impressive, if a little sizeable on the flyer front. It’s a bit more than half a size of A4 in size, which I think is a bit big for a flyer you want someone to stick in their pocket. But I think they will do the job. Now the only task is to distribute the damn things. I suddenly hit a blank when I thought, shit where do we stick the bloody things up or hand em out. I’m a little out the loop when it comes to trendy venues that allow fly posting, being all pretentious and enjoying high end fittings does that for you.

So return to the gym finally happened. 12k, 160 sit ups and a random 12 minutes killing time waiting for Pete on the cross trainer. Result? Sore legs and an unwillingness to get my backside out of bed. Good pain I’m told. I need to get used to this dull ache, it’s here till the marathon in April. I’m starting to regret signing up for number two, I’m not quite as determined as I was last year. I’m just in need of finding that spark again, that willingness to get it done. If anyone has any motivational statements or general tools for turning apathy into enthusiasm, you can comment below. I’m sure Team Captain Millward will pull it out the bag at some point, it would be churlish to peak too soon in any event.

Right it’s nearly 7.15am, my ass needs to be out of bed. Body pump tonight. Woo hoo. I wish I was naturally skinny, then I’d have no need to do this to myself. Damn you slow metabolism. Damn you to hell!

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