An entire day leading to who knows where

There are days when you feel like you have achieved loads but nothing at all. Today was the reverse. I feel like I have gotten nowhere but in reality I think I’m pumped ready for court in the morning. Alas tomorrow I have a final hearing, which if ever I were to be able to successful run a hearing it’s this one. It’s odd, as every court runs as part of the entire court service of England and Wales, yet every judge runs their court within the style that is befitting of their own personality. So whilst I know what in theory I have to say, it still is ultimately up to the judge as to what happens. Preparing for several eventualities, let’s just say, is not the easiest of tasks. But alas I just need to read a couple more things in the morning to refresh my memory and away we go.

So what else is new with me? I went to Castle Market today. It’s a horrendous place. It’s a place I always go to and play the game of dodge the person I’ve seen down at court. But alas if I could swallow my pride more often I would save a lot more money on veggies etc. I went for dried fruit and nuts however seeing as this weekend is stir up Sunday for me. Two or three Christmas cakes will be baked. It’s definitely one for me one for Anne, but it may also be one for Out of Office if I don’t lose the will to live. It depends If I get a bit baked out.

Marianne at work has introduced me to someone. His name is David Mellor. I simply thought David Mellor was an MP who shagged Antonia De Sancha in a Chelsea football shirt, but alas no, he is a cutler who has a kitchenware shop on the Kings Road and also in Hathersage. His catalogue was described to me as kitchen porn, and that’s what it is. It’s sexy, it’s inventive, it’s fabulous. I’ve booked Pete and I in for a trip out at the weekend. Can’t wait. Anywhere that sells a brush specifically for scrubbing mushrooms is a winner with me.

No gym today. Happy dance for me. Alas we have a 7.15 gym class to go to in the morning. Unhappy dance. Must get up. It’s getting harder to do that day by day. It makes me even sadder to think that next week I will become almost vampiric with the lack of day light I will face. I really don’t understand how the daylight savings time thing came in. We must have more mornings and less evenings. I don’t understand how the sacrifice was worked out. Granted, it probably would not change the fact it will always be dark when I leave work, but I could maybe leave at dusk rather than when it’s pitch dark. My seasonal affective disorder is a horrendous weight to bear, when my free time is spent going to the gym in the dark, walking home in the dark, waking up in the dark and watching the daylight through my office window. Not fun at all.

Dinner was a quick pasta knocked up with chorizo and mushrooms. Always a winner, and was completed in time for my favourite, Waterloo Road. Sarah Louise Platt turned up today as Amanda Burton’s daughter. Always a pleasure. There was the comedy sight of her in some big green hooded cost, slinking around the house and school in the most indiscreet way but supposedly undetected by anyone. When someone is over five foot tall in a giant green parka with a big hood up, the first thing that happens is people see you. It was ridiculous. But mightily amusing. The Alzheimer’s storyline has been quite moving, very well handled. Still allowed a bit of humour but ultimately allowed for a touch of humanity to be added to what had become a stereotypically bigoted cardboard character in Grantly.

Right, thats me done for the. Day. It’s 10:20pm. I’m finally back into the day to day pattern of my life, now I’m finally gird at this time. This is my default bedtime. I’m telling you, I’m built for a care home. See you come Thursday!

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