The quest for the Marshmallow Fluff

As time has passed, I’d like to say I have gained a bit of perspective, but alas I’m more in the air than ever. A meeting with a union representative today served as a way to wind us all up about what is being proposed. We just have to prepare for a bit of a fight where necessary.

Great news tho. Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers is back. Made a cottage pie with squash rather than potatoes and turkey rather than beef. Yum! And I never say yum. I hated Amy Adams in Julie and Julia when she said yum, and I love Amy Adams. Enchanted is one hell of a film. Patrick Dempsey does save everything he is in. Except perhaps seasons four and five of Greys Anatomy. No George equals sad Adam. So yes, big love for Nigel. It even made up for my disappointment when I thought it was Nigella night and it turned out not to be. I was damn near gutted.

I watched a fab episode of Ina yesterday. She made spaghetti and meatballs for Stephen and some hard faced blonde lady. It was absolutely sensational, but she was preaching to the choir. It’s not bevy British but I really do love meatballs and pasta. If I’m honest, spaghetti is my least favourite pasta, although it does seem to be the pasta of choice for some chefs. I just find it messy, hard to eat and unsatisfying. I’m greedy, and love food but I find I end up with a big old mouthful of pasta that makes my feel a bit fat and full. So after the pasta, Ina made ice cream sodas with homemade ice cream. I didn’t understand the espresso soda. Fizzy, chocolately coffee ice cream seemed a bit like a taste contradiction.

Gym again today. Off again in the morning to Body Pump. I’m rolling my eyes as I type. Pete’s idea not mine. But I’ll feel better for having gone afterwards. But I’m tired. Bed after Grand Designs. This couple are mad, this house is mad. This is another tale of victims of the recession. They obviously sought to live the Sarah Beeny dream, but it collapsed and their him has been the victim of it all. Terribly sad, the wife seems like a darling as well.

I’m having to bake for next Thursday’s do and want to make some whoopee pies. But apparently I need something called Marshmallow fluff. Apparently it’s £1.99 from But I can’t just order that. If anyone knows of a fluff retailer in Sheffield tell me. The woman at John Lewis told me Selfridges. Seeing as their ain’t one in Sheffield, I won’t be travelling to Manchester for a jar of overly sweet crap. I don’t even know what Marshmallow Fluff is really. It appears to be a marshmallow flavoured spread. Sounds vile. The woman at Waitrose kept transferring me to other people, I had to tell people four times over that I wanted something called Marshmallow fluff. I was mortified.

Short I’m afraid tonight. That’s exhaustion for you all. And little of my whinging. I outdid myself the other day. Will blog again tomorrow, Nigella day. Whoop whoop. X

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