A weekend that changes everything


Not really re the title. It’s been a bit of a boring one after the Friday night lights blazed like a big old bloody bonfire. It was boozy, bitchy, bonkers fun. Amy, Pete and I sank the drinks, danced Sheffield under the table and made some acquaintances for the night that were rather odd.

Firstly there was the Eurotrash duo. Looking like two founding members of No Mercy, or like a beefier version of some euro boy band in 1994. They danced like two springy teens on their first gay night ever. What was weird was that they danced together as if they were a couple, but on the other hand the one kept trying to grab my ass. Hmm. And they say love is dead.

The freaks came out as well. There was a chubby late teen out, all low slung jeans, low buttoned shirt and orange tan. At shortly after ten he was dancing like he was hinged at the waist, bent over in what is obviously a trademarked move. Terribly tacky, vileness. He was full on kissing one guy in a bar, which I thought innocently may be a boyfriend. Alas no. Flashforward to three am. Dempseys dance floor. He leads a man aged about 55 to the dance floor. He turns around and grinds him, rubbing himself over him, grabbing the back of his neck and dancing in a way I can only describe as a cross generational male version of that bit in Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone is dancing with that bird she was going out with. We were aghast. I could only bring myself to make one statement. Now THAT is pissed. I cannot imagine that any teen leaves the house with his friends and says you know, I fancy copping off with a guy who is older than my dad tonight.

We decided to go shortly after that. It was bonfire night, and for some reason it was rammed. Valerie and Rachel were out, and we all hit up the dance floor whenever Rihanna came on. Which was approximately 97 times. I requested Willow Smith. My hair was suitably whipped back and forth, which is no challenge when it’s half an inch long. But after being out for six hours I was tired. Whilst allowing Amy to finish her fag and get a cab, we saw the lucky guys taking their shags home. Hmm. One guy who I saw swan in after 2am picked up a guy with the mannerisms and physical attributes of Danny De Vito as Oswald Cobblepot in Batman Returns. Lucky devil, enjoy that.

Saturday began with a start when the clock read half twelve. I didn’t feel particularly hungover. I didn’t feel particularly great either to be honest. I headed off to Waitrose, and bought so much crap. I needed to get smoked paprika for some peri peri chicken I was going to make. Didn’t have it. Obviously they had so much other crap that I spent £60. Gluttony. Obviously I had to drive to Tesco to get some smoked paprika. And more food. On the plus side I made some little chocolate buns, sandwiched with marshmallow creme. Very nice. And tried Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Peri Peri Chicken. Again, gorgeous. Big favourite of mine now. Served with salad and couscous? Perfect Saturday fayre.

Sunday was again quiet. Lazing in bed time, oat and walnut biscuits baked, fed the Christmas cakes with bourbon, had a coffee in Costa whilst reading Good Housekeeping, and generally had a lovely day. I did washing, cleaned the kitchen, made a big batch of braised red cabbage to put in the freezer, made a roast lamb dinner, and had a lovely lovely day. Alas, over too soon. Monday is here. And how it has rained. And rained. And rained some more. Miserable day. Goodish work day. But work day interrupted by endless rain. It just dampens the spirit, as well as everything else. I went to the gym, and struggled to run, due to a diet of no fruit and veg today. Energy on short supply and legs like stiff planks. Hey ho, will do the miles tomorrow.

On other news, good cakes baked. Good Nigella again this week. Great Downton Abbey (oh Dame Maggie, how I will miss my weekly dose of your majesty), and discovered further run of the Great British Bake Off. Woo! Series linked. Love it. Bring it on. I know Edd Kimber wins, but it’s about the journey! I enjoy watching Jonathon, the straight man with the gay voice. Tres amusing.

Right, everyone, thats you bang up to date. And that’s me slightly buggered. Off to bed. Bon nuit! X

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