Ah ha. I love it when a best laid plan is full of flaws….

So I have booked myself to within an inch of my life for the next couple of days. Pre launch plans have included a meal at the preview night for Bar and Grill, night before the big day. But my lack of planning includes getting in from the gym tonight, sitting on my ass and not doing the cakes. And now, I have about a 20 minute window to do them seeing as we are launching at tea time Thursday. In reality what will have to happen is simple, I have to skank off the gym. And leave work after 4pm and bake before dinner at 7.15pm, and then again after dinner. Then get up at silly am to ice. Icing is a doddle if cakes are cool, and use my piping bag. But an evil task, seeing as it’s a gay event I want to be photographed at. Looking s bit dopey is not something I look forward to. Passing on the gym feels wrong. Went yesterday and today, and will maybe try for a body pump on Thursday morning if time allows, but it feels wrong to do it. I want to go tomorrow. May take stuff and try to do Lunchtime Body Pump, but not sure of that’s realistic. Either way, my body dysmorphia does not condone this. Worst comes to worst, I will leave work Thursday at 4pm, dash home, and ice in record tome after 4pm to allow transportation and set up for 5.30pm. If I am five minutes late, it won’t be a disaster. Faux pas, but not disaster. Cake is key, after all.

Right so work today was a mixed bag. Have a tense assistant, who is biting back. When you have a good slightly less formal relationship they do. I think in offices around the world, there may be fraught assistants with bosses who they perceive as having nothing to do, who would like to give work back, but I’m sorry they don’t do it. So I have been a bit Teflon about the comments about being overloaded, not letting them stick with me. Never mind anyway, I still have lots to get on with. I hate one of my cases, very much. I loathe it. But I must stop trying to ignore it, and get on with things, very much under duress mind. Ghastly.

We had 4% left on sky today. Eek. I thought I may finally have to delete my two screens full of Ina. Didn’t tho. Got rid of the Holby City’s and the Spooks and Grand Designs collection. Was so nice to free up space for future favourites. Future Nigel Slater’s, future Nigella’s. Hmm, such treats to come.I long for new Ina. She has a new book, surely she must do some new BC’s to accompany? That’s all these shows are. Surely Simple Suppers has been devised to plug the Tender books? Or maybe not. But it’s convenient timing. Nigel was never so prime time before. And certainly not in HD. Do love him tho. Such a good player to have in my “team”. He is on my list for fantasy dinner table. The two Nige’s are there. I never really know who else. Delia of course. Dolly Parton of course. Maybe Cher and Bette Midler as well. It would be the gayest affair, you can see. But I really want someone who has something to say. And of course, top of the table, Ina Garten. I’d maybe invite TR for some man candy. Or i’d serve him as dessert. Or, to quote Queer As Folk, stick my head up his arse and wear him as a hat. Love that line. Russell T. Davies I salute you for that line.

You have to give Nigella credit. She is one of the best food writers of all time. And I had my attention drawn to those comments she was misquoted as saying, that Bruno and Mimi weren’t going to inherit the Lawson fortune. Pure rubbish, she later confirmed. She said she just really wanted them to make something of themselves, and not rely on a fortune prepared for them. It was always going to be crap that the money was destined to go to a cats home instead, but do I disagree with the principles Nigella wants to bestow? Not for one minute. I mean, if the shots in Kitchen are real, Mimi is wearing some chic clothes, they have all the latest gadgets, and want for nothing. But absolutely at some point they should have to work to achieve something. Even if money is not the objective, craving success should be. Although if its media or food minded, being the offspring of Nigella will surely get you every internship/apprenticeship/graduate position you could crave.

Right, bed time. Nightmares about cupcakes to ensue. Breathing deeply. Sure it will be fine. I’m sure it will be. Oh crap, please let it be.

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