Too long, too little blogging

Apologies for my absenteeism. There is no justification for it. I’m simply tardy. I should try some elaborate reasons about life getting in the way, busy working life etc. But it was just that post gym Friday I was too tired to say my name. Let alone wax on about my oh so amusing life. Which right now is not so funny or amusing 99% of the time.

Have had a fairly boring time post Thursday. So. Thursday. What happened? Well operation cupcakes was job one. I woke up in a cold sweat at 5.30am, realised I was too tense to sleep, went downstairs and baked. Baked about 60 mini cakes by about 7am. Was good work, if a bit blurry. I then could gym then Bar and Grill Wednesday night. B and G was good, just a wee bit chaotic, first night issues more than anything. It was funny, as the guy who served us was a bit irritated by a lot of the things he was having to apologise for. We got a bit drunk and a bit risque with him, well if Harry will order a big bowl of mussels, i will ask the camp waiter “do you enjoy a large muscle, waiter”. Its too obvious. Was a nice place. Pianist singing live. He played that Make you feel my love song. I asked him to play it again, but couldn’t remember its name, so told the waiter to tell him to play Gamu. Needless to say, it was not played. Food wise, Poached egg over done, too few chips which won’t wash long term, not enough toast with the camembert, and not able to remember what liqueur coffees we had ordered. All a bit amateur but that’s the point of why we paid 50% less. Loved it mind. Really good food. Great steak. Good sorbets, good asparagus, not stringy at all. But creases to be ironed out.

So woke up again about 6.30 on Thursday to ice the cupcakes. Was a bit mad, as had to mix the icing, ice them, then got to work early to prep for court. Was so bizarre because all I ate was the icing that kept creeping out the top of the bag. Then court was so mad all I had to eat was three fingers of a four finger kit kat. Sugar high continued until I could no longer stand later on. Rushed home at 4 from work, dashed into the house, threw the days clothes off and chucked on a slim fit suit and nice shirt. OMG as I type update. The new Marcia Cross advert for potatoes. Awesome. You have to see it. So funny.

Back to Thursday. Got to the venue, it was all set up. We moved leaflets around by millimetres nervously till the first comers came. The nerves meant we were overly attentive slash awkward in chat to start, but as people came, it got busier, easier and a bit more relaxed. I had wine. Was a good nerve relaxer. At first. Then it became too much of a relaxer. Bear in mind my diet had been sugar, butter and sugar. I was a little drunk and made an inappropriate joke about minority groups and lottery funding that I won’t repeat, which was ultimately very funny but I was in danger of upsetting people who don’t know me! So I was sent for carbohydrates stat from the chippy on the corner. The chip shop man could not understand me when I asked for an Amy Oakley special, seeing as Amy eats chip butty’s from the said same shop. I therefore had to order it by name. He didn’t engage me in my peak too soon drunken chit chat. Killjoy.

I sobered. I chatted to people, made a few friends I think that we can keep in touch with, and really spread our message of let’s get some resemblance of a party started in Sheffield people! That’s hopefully going to happen. People liked the idea. Let’s keep it going then! About 50 or 60 people came which was amazing, seeing as we had no precedent event. I took a load of photos, all at squiffy angles. I’m useless. That reminds me, no response to my insurance claim yet. Let’s wait and see what happens. Was remarkably fresh Friday morning, if a little tired. But got on with things. Got to work, went to court, did the business, and went to the gym to Attack and Pump after work. By the time I was home, I was ready to pass out. Had gnocchi with chorizo, watched some crap like The Only Way Is Essex, and then called it a night. Good all in all. Saturday morning was cleaning, food tv, cleaning, washing then a trip into town. Couple of glasses of wine with lunch. Nice. Then home. And Pete’s return from Harrogate. After a warm reunion, it was back to normal life. Strictly, Harry Hill, Kirsty’s Homemade Home (worst programme ever- I will never make my own candle, picture frame or gold leafing, just tell me how to run up my own blind or line curtains, I’ll take that to the bank) the X Factor we could fast forward through. Katie is vile. As is the spawn of Patrick Kielty one from One Direction. Aiden was samey. Matt was great. Rebecca was not so much for me last night. Like Paije. Like a young Ving Rhames. That joke can run can’t it. Insert name of larger framed black person here. Oh Louis Walsh, how racist you seem.

Anyway, off for a run. Don’t want to but Pete has gone to the gym and I won’t be outdone. Ever!

Blog promise of the day: must keep them coming.

Post update: run down, now some Nigella time. I love Nigella but find these meals and dinner parties a bit overly staged. It’s a bit like Ina. I don’t really think they have dog birthday parties. I just don’t buy it. Or a dinner party for the chippy and spark off a local building site. I don’t get it. However, I still watch. With a passion. It’s Nigella Express, which I watch almost weekly.

I have made home made egg custards. This is when I miss my camera, as they are works of art. Not eaten one yet, but will do so as soon as Pete arrives home from the library. Oh active Sunday, you are so kind to me.

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