Dust! Friends!

Yes everyone, I am quoting my favourite Nelly Furtado lyrics as the name of today’s post as I have been listening to my iPod on shuffle whilst at the gym and had avery random selection of songs to accompany my seven miles this evening. I ended up listening to a lot of Nelly for some reason. I tend to notice that when you are skipping songs a lot, but then kitten to one all the way through, you then end up getting a lot of songs by that person thrown at you. I get it with Lady Gaga and Texas a lot. But if I listen to Gaga I then get a lot of Steps, which is a real issue. No more real than the horrendous fact I have that shite on my iPod in the first place. The fact of the matter is I quite enjoy their rendition of Chain Reaction.

So I ended up having an emotional moment during a double bill of Try and All Good Things (Come To An End). I was fortunately sweating so no one could see me being overly emotional and cry. The endless chatter about jobs etc is prolonging a sense of agony I have over these decisions. We got more e mails today about it all, and you have to wonder of the logic of making this experience more and more tiresome. There is a real need to just rip off the plaster and just bloody do something. The theory is prospectively horrible for everyone, the reality is horrible for a few people, the overall experience is just agonising. I really wish it would just be over and done with now, for everyone’s sake. It doesn’t help me at a time where I have countless things to do at work, and the whole thing makes it hard for me to see any motivation to do it. I sincerely wish I could just march on through regardless, but I can’t. I’m far too bloody sensitive.

So what else has gone on? Oh I forgot about the fight at Body Pump last night. Oh yes. It was the tight wearing bloke vs the staring guy with the slight hunch. Tights man entered, crotch first as his shorts dictate, and then started having a go at staring guy for being in his spot. I was unsure who was there first, but there was sufficient room for both of them in the room, I was really not feeling any real justification for anyone to have any beef there. So tights guy, who always has a slight redness to the face and has a muscle tone that suggests more than body pump is undertaken by him, started getting very aggressive. I mean squaring up, tough guy, “come on then” style machismo aggro. Pete and I were mightily uncomfortable. Liam came over to calm things down a bit, but his Kofi Annan impression was was not overly successful. In the end staring guy went to another space. Aggro Tights guy then shouted “go on, you nerd”. That’s right, I was taken straight back to the playground. I couldn’t believe that two blokes well over 30 were talking the way they did circa the age of Grange Hill, Byker Grove and Going Live. Although the beef I used to witness on the playground by the rougher kids was never, I suspected, fuelled by steroid ingestion. That was a difference in circumstances. But very weird nonetheless.

I’m afraid this has not been a week where my culinary efforts are likely to rival Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers. Although didn’t feel mad about tonights. Korma didn’t excite me. The chilli feta sounded nice, but I immediately said to Pete that I didn’t think it was supper. Pete said we don’t eat supper we eat tea. I said just because we live in the North doesn’t mean that cheese between bread doesn’t sound insufficient to Southerners and is a northern phenomena. Then Nigel said this would make a nice starter. Exactly my point, it’s a starter size portion. I love it when I’m right. The sausages sounded good but carrot mash worries me. Again, Its portion size. To get a decide pile of mash will need two massive bags of carrots I reckon, as when I’ve done carrot and swede before I’ve needed the swede to compensate for measly carrot amounts. I can’t be bothered to peel all them there carrots. Maybe I’m just a bit idle.

Had lovely 30 minutes with Ina yesterday. She made a pavlova for Jeffrey’s birthday. She also made some tomato kabobs. Tomatoes. On a skewer. Rolled in oil, salt and pepper. Indeed people, she called this a recipe. I had a kitkat yesterday, I don’t call it through to Saturday Kitchen. I’m horrible, I know, but it’s a bit cheeky to call that a recipe. I opened a tin of tomatoes tonight, I can’t devote a page to that recipe in my first cook book can I? She also grilled some herb butterfly chicken, which sounded lovely. But the pav was the star. Do love pavlova. I do love puddings in general. Greek yogurt and honey for dessert today. High in fat, high in taste. But after the run, I deserve it I have no doubt. It did take me back to breakfast in Mykonos. The lovely old Greek woman who used to gesture at me and Pete and do kiss kiss noises to indicate she was down with our same sex relationship. And then used to dance as if to say she knew we were dirty gay stop outs. And indeed we were. Funny times. Can’t wait to go back to Mykonos next year, but it’s a busy year. Four bleeding weddings. Two I’m just an attendee, one I’m catering the dessert trolley and one I’m the maid of honour. I may have to arrange the Mykonos madness for when the worst is behind me, but before some of the others. I mean, why waste the tan when I may be on the photographs? It would be churlish.

Right bed time. I don’t want to miss out on my precious sleep before morning body pump. I question why I do this to myself, but it’s because I eat like a fat person. Really, I do. To leave, other exciting news, done my christmas shopping for my olds, and got a really good present for Pete today. Very exciting stuff. I love it when I impulsively purchase but I’m hindsight it was totally the right call. Can’t wait till the big day, I’m such an awesome boyfriend. My iPhone has yet to arrive, but bought my Cath Kidston case from John Lewis. It’s the star one, which I love. Just need my phone now. Cross fingers for me everyone it comes by Friday. I’m far too impatient to wait to Monday. I need to show it off, and put my Nigella app on there. And guess what everyone? My Blog app is iPhone compatible. More portable blogging. Can only be a further revolution. Interactive blogging, and photographs are sure to return. Viva la revolution people!

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