The first day of iPhone loving……

Hello world. I feel like I have finally joined you. Why does no one tell you? The iPhone is the most sensational thing. I feel like I finally have something that talks my language. That responds to what I want.

What I never realised was that as a cook, the iPhone changes things. My Nigella app now allows for me to hands free turn the page. The recipe pages turn as I say the word forwards. Who knew. It kinda makes little sense seeing as the type is quite small so I’d have to pick it up to read it anyway. Quite weird as a concept. Anyway, I also have another favourite thing. My Cath Kidston case for the iPhone 4. It has a picture of London on it, a red bus, big Ben and the London eye depicting the big smoke. It’s absolutely fabulous. Kitsch, gay and totally me. Who wouldn’t love it.

So post work, which was so productive as I was on a high, I met Harry and Rachel for a committee pow wow for the next event. We visited the exhibition suite to see how much we were looking at. Ok so I made a big mistake, in my head I had the Art Institute of Chicago in my head. Huge displays, nooks and crannies, little areas with projections etc for people to experience. Back in the real worked, it’s a fairly intimate space with AV by way of video screens, displays across two walls and some tables for people to interact by way of nominating their own favourite gays. I don’t know why I thought so big. I’m a moron. But I started to panic a bit. Small scale gay event. Gays don’t like anything on a small scale. They like things audacious, bigger, better. We are going to have to move things along during the event, make sure everyone has a lot to look forward to. And the main reason is that I think gay people can be bitches. And yes, I am judging people by my standards. Case in point, my complaints about the venue smelling like the site of a Crisp and Dry leak. That’s what we are like, us gays.

Otherwise, nothing to report tonight. New app of the day is the Food Network app. Seriously, genius. You can see what episode of Ina is on, then download the recipe onto your phone. It is a one stop shop off all things Food Network. And you gotta know, I love my Food Network. Pete is watching Law Abiding Citizen. He said it seemed really good. I can forgive the use of Gerard Butler (one of the most overrated actors of all time in my opinion), and the ever smarmy presence of Jamie Foxx, but hen I see a gerard stab someone brutally in the neck repeatedly with a wooden fork, I call a time out. Quite simply vile.

Anyway, that’s my day in a nutshell. I am that boring. I’m hoping that in time new phone excitement will be abated and I will be able to sleep. I woke at 4.55am excited. Imagine my further excitement when it turned up at home just after 8am. I went to work late as I was setting it up. My first call was to MC. Eek. But in reality I have two years with this phone. I should not peak too soon. But for now, just enjoy my elation. And my nonsense chat about it’s wonderment. And also enjoy the fact the first music I put on there was Now 77. It’s pretty good, as Now albums go. And it features the Gamu song by Adele. Don’t get much better than that.

Right bedtime. It’s early but I have a headache. I forgot my glasses so it’s been a hard day for my peepers.

See you all tomorrow for some further iPhone loving.

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