I’m an idiot. Get me out of here.

One hour of deep and meaningful blog writing down the plug hole due to my lack of hitting the save button. I’m a fool.

So I have submitted to the inevitable and I’m going to confront the world of achieving change at work head on. No more moaning. No more pretending it ain’t so. It’s here. I’m here. I want to remain. I have to submit. I’m not a militant person anyway. I hear about the kids burning the strand for tuition fees, as much as I ever did was signed socialist worker Joel’s petition about Heider in Austria. The idea of going to London and burning a Tory sounds far too involved. I remember when students would be in rugby colours tweaking one another’s nipples homoerotically and drinking vodka lime soda out of a shoe on a Wednesday. Modern day student has a principle. All very odd.

I bought Cath Kidston goodies for Christmas today. My apron for December 8th, a tea towel for mum, an apron for Nan and something else I forget for something. Very excited. Can’t wait for it to arrive. My apron is so 50’s housewife kitsch. You will all love it. I will take photos of me wearing it. I’m going to go as such a 50’s Christmas throwback. All Dean Martin Christmas Album chic. I simply cannot wait.

Congratulations to my cousin on being pregnant. Was all looking like it was very difficult for that to happen, but that has come. Early days, but all fingers crossed. See, things like this happen to show that no matter how self involved we all get with the troubles and tribulations of everyday life, the world keeps turning, another generation will be born into this world. And we just have to keep going. I mean, one day I kinda still imagine that will be me. Be the child of Chinese descent called Rose (as Jack McFarlane from Will and Grace said was the gay stereotype), or a child adopted from some local adoption agency, I always imagined myself a dad. Not a young dad, I have to now concede, but a dad nonetheless. So no matter what happens, life will go on, but if I’m going to be any kind of dad at any point in the future, I need to start leading by example, and quitting before anything gets going is surely a no no. It’s a no no if it’s maths homework, it will be a no no in times of workplace trial.

Had to find my other fake ugg (Or BearPaw Skin boot-love you T K Maxx) ready for potential snow on trip to work tomorrow. It’s barely going to be above freezing so need to make sure I am prepared for the potentially perilous journey prior to 7am to the gym. Physically not mentally that is. I’m never mentally prepared. I’d rather stay in bed and hibernate these mornings. Although I do like getting home before 6pm one night in the week. Or, as has been happening, going to the pub and getting drunk with Amy one night a week. Alas not this week. Not after the Cath Kidston purchase. I’m done for the week. That is until I hear a Dempseys battle cry, calling me to arms. There is still every chance. And I’m powerless to resist. On this work, gym, work, gym treadmill, I take any old chance to jump these days. It’s a relentless journey I’m happy to pause!

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