I love it when a Brownie Pan comes together

Friday was a fun day all in all. From the early awakening just after 4am due to excessive stress levels, through to the early hours at work frantically sorting out an emergency hearing which could not have been any more unconventional than if the children were conjoined twins. Then I was stuck in court with that thing that happens every so often- the case with the worst combination of people ever. I mean worst.

I was juggling egos, bizarrely timed outbursts of aggression, a party acting in person, a couple of social workers who looked scared of me as I sat hyper and confused due to lack of sleep and the fact I was being used as a conduit to pass on information by a barrister who would not speak to another party. All on about 500mls of caffeine. Fortunately it all worked itself out. Thank heavens.

Got out of court after 4pm and pottered whilst trying to recover from the day. Stop one on my head declutter was the gym. Body Attack and Body Pump. We had a different instructor than usual for both classes and it was a shame because I struggled to hear and follow the classes as neither was as clear as Deb usually is. The Pump instructor however was bloody terrible. We could not hear her, she kept going wrong. It was embarrassing. Bring on next week and Deb’s return. So it was then to home, and Iron Man 2. As a gay man the highlight was weirdly Scarlett Johannson in the cat suit kicking ass. It was a brief but poignant scene. No idea why poignant but it just was. Loved the film tho. Robert Downey Junior just remains hot at every age. Such a lucky bastard.

Passed out when we got to bed, so missed the on set of the snow. Was such a shock to have a text message from Becky asking me if she could still get to Sheffield ok tomorrow. I thought she thought that the north was adrift, I didn’t realise we were all blanketed with snow. Very pretty tho. Trudged to get my hair cut in town. My usual, grumpy hair dresser was not there. He had an emergency that the girl was all too willing to tell me, about his mum being ill in hospital. I understand they thought I may be upset he was not there but I was hardly going demand his presence here without further ado.

The young girl did an ok job, but it was a bit disappointing. I was really hoping for something a bit Olly Murs, but at first attempt it was more Olly Smith from Saturday Kitchen. I had to tell her to keep going shorter.

So post haircut I met Pete and went to TK where he looked for shoes. He eventually got some lovely boots. And I mean eventually.

I Bought myself a Calvin Klein turtleneck sweater, which I love. And a pressie for MC which I will not disclose on here as she reads this blog. Needless to say it’s fab.

I returned home, to bake brownies only to discover a lack of cocoa. Locally to me we appear to be in a cocoa black hole. None in Aldi, none in Sainsburys Local, none in costcutter. Strangely they all carry bread flour and gelatine and suet but not cocoa. Riddle me that.

So I got to Waitrose. This blog time and again has served as a public warning against the dangers of naively thinking you can enter that store to buy one item at under £2. Not possible. Cocoa turned into eggs. Turned into mincemeat. Turned into two bottles of red wine. Indeed £20 was the bill. Not that anyone would have doubted that to be the case.

So I made Nigella’s Everyday Brownies. It’s awesome to turn this:

Into this:

Fab. Love them. So here I am. Sat on my wobbly bottom having eaten two Brownies watching Come Dine With Me. Fantastic treat. Saturday is a real boon after a horrible Friday. Sometimes I think we need a balance and a lazy day after a miserable Friday has really helped. Now bring on the beers and curry.

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2 thoughts on “I love it when a Brownie Pan comes together

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  1. Absolutely. And pour some sauce over it as I do to appear ultra posh and indulgent. Although all we have is mint, Mayo or two days past it's best sour cream so I may give that a miss…..


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