Like the Bangles, was a truly fun day

So Sunday has been dun. Albeit starting prematurely due to an early wake up, which lead to me watching bedknobs and broomsticks on sky till about 9am. Right enjoyed it mind. Who knew Bruce Forsyth was in it. Young Bruce eh? Never hot it seems.

I cleared the bed for B’s arrival tonight, and had some breakfast, before planning my 8 miler this morning. It was a treadmill session, as I needed to avoid breaking my neck on the ice around ours. Seein as it was never much above freezing this weekend I assumed it not worth the effort or the physio post injury.

I did my run then headed to get Pete some man flu meds. Alas you can only get two paracetamol products at a time, so like a junkie I did a tour of B and M, Wilkinsons and Savers. All the classy stores. So many people buying Christmas gifts in there. so the opposite of me. I go John Lewis, they go marginally better than a fire damage sale. I eventually got Pete’s man flu kit and came home. Two hours of ironing followed by food prep ensued, before Becky arrived. She never fails to be a great guest, wine, chocolates, back issues of heat. She can keep coming.

So X Factor and Strictly down, we are now watching the kick ass film Zombieland. Loves it. Genius film. Bill Murray was fabulous. Justin Bieber has all the charisma of the Zombies in this film. That performance was terrible, good dancer tho. The Cheryl Cole flirting was painful. If that doesn’t escalate her fall from grace nothing will. Blogs the world over will be calling for her slaughter. Poor Cheryl.

Right, bedtime now. Long day. Least my work shirts are ironed for the week. May take preventative man flu meds. You never know. I don’t want to be as weak as a kitten in the morning. Poor Peter. it will be like lying next to a furnace tonight.

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