Monday is less of a fun day than Sunday…..

Ok so going back to work is never easy. When you have had to drag yourself through fresh snow fall in freezing temperatures just to be met by a desk I was sure I had cleared but was alas covered in crap, it was never going to be a great day.

It’s funny, because just when you think you are getting a handle on things, something happens to turn things on their heads. I had a twenty minute conversation with someone explaining why we should go ahead with something, and of that conversation it has been summed up as me dismissing we need to do anything. Now that is not the case. It is the exact opposite of what I said. But it doesn’t matter. That is apparently what I said. It’s madness. You could go crazy in this job some times.

Anyway, work was work. I got my secret Santa gift today. And sorted out Pete’s Christmas gift. It’s very exciting stuff. Fingers crossed he likes it! I know he will but I can pretend. This is the first year I have been so organised so my December pay cheque is not covering then lot. I have quite a few christmas shindigs this year tho, including work, Derbyshire do, Birmingham do, Plymouth do. Thank god we cancelled the trip to London, I could not cope with that on top of everything. I’d much rather just the four trips out of city. I’m getting a bit insular, it’s been ages since I Lowry Sheffield now. You get citified cabin fever. I’m all talk of Castle Market and Pollards coffee shop. I even mentioned someone looking like they were doing the Star Walk, which is some old charity event that ceased to be about a decade before I moved here, so I’m even regressing into some Sheffield citizen I never was. Weird.

So first jaunt out of the city limits will be to Macro on Wednesday to buy booze for the out of office Christmas event. We are very excited. Off to a Gay Icons exhibit in a Uni art space. Can’t wait. Stuff to sort, and all that but as usual I’m on baked goods duty. Need to book a day off this time, mind. Can’t have the mad dash again. Last time I gave up precious sleep to bake ice and breakdown. Now I need to regain control.

I need to do that in every corner of my life to be honest. I don’t want to keep losing my focus. But until the world makes sense again, I will have to let it keep spinning. Where it’ll stop, I’ll be buggered if I know. Next year really will be a bit of an adventure.

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