Snow week should feel this painful..,,,

So it’s been a week of freezing temperatures here in South Yorkshire. There has been highs and lows. I love snow. Who doesn’t love it. It makes the world look clean and cute. And uber christmassy. The issue is that living in town means that you can’t call in snowed in. And I so wanted to. I wanted that unexpected lie in mid week, and bacon sandwiches in front of To Buy or Not to Buy. But no. Did get an impromptu 2.30 finish which lead to the pub and much drunkenness, and sadly missing a cameo appearance on Look North. All very cool but a bit sad that I missed me on the telly. I wanted to be on tv so much as well!

I had to rustle up some drunken peri peri chicken as well, which is time consuming therefore not very drunken person friendly. Those episodes of nigella where she acts all night out tipsy must be staged as it’s not easy. I was so in need of a sit down it was such a bind.

With all the snow and everything, it’s so disruptive. Gym is closed, town shutting down, no bread in any shops. It’s bloody ridiculous. And so hard to focus on work. I kept dragging myself in, but people who lived closer called in snowed in. Now unless it’s higher than your door frame, there is no excuse! You cannot live a 25 minute walk away and plead that it’s impassable.

Big week this week for influential food programming. Nigel Slater made a kick ass beetroot cake. Nigella made kick ass everything. Loving the easy scones. And Mr Salsa Salsa at the Mexican food party was a real star of tomorrow today. Salsa Salsa!

So got all Pete’s Christmas presents! And parentals! Going to start the cracker gift hunt in earnest. Since Catherine and I embarked on home created crackers last year, I can’t return to shop bought. The only crap thing is that mine will never be a surprise as I have to stuff it. But I can treat myself that one further time.

Ooh Leona Lewis live is on tv. Big buff dancers and Leona mimicking whale song at the moment. I’ll give it a go. I leave you with a gallery of this week.

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One thought on “Snow week should feel this painful..,,,

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  1. This snow is brilliant but I've become ridiculously attached to it. Couldn't take the rubbish out yesterday cos I didn't want to disturb the pile of White stuff on the top of the bin….

    I nearly vomited when nigella put treacle on her scones., too much


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