Evenin’ all…,

So here we are. Another week has passed, weekend drawing to a close. And I’m feeling rough as anything. Sub zero temperatures, single glazing and hangover tendency to go from hot to cold hot to cold on Saturday means I feel run down and flu-ey!

And I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I have never felt that way in three years. I sometimes feel fed up and less than enthused but I have hit a high of stress and low of morale. Worst work day ever Friday! Was terrible. I felt completely compromised, as I wrangled with hierarchy, a blackbery, silence frOm the phone when I needed info, a stern judge who didn’t agree with my instructions, and a nosey woman who was overstepping the mark spectacularly! But it should have been an easy day, and could have been if fingers had been pulled out. Add to that people who dont take their responsibility seriously and don’t care what happens, and I’m ready to explode! By half 4 I had my head in my hands and tears in my eyes, yet I was too frustrated to cry. I felt a bit lost, completely hopeless and ready to scream. I had no allies, no one to talk to about it, and if I tried to mention it to people they just barked their own tale of woe back at me. Not to be ego centric, but sometimes you want to vent your own issues. Particularly when you are in the midst of it all. But the weekend came and my party Friday night. V sad Amy didn’t come. Spoke to her today, poor lamb sounds so poorly! The interweb wishes you well Oakley!

Jonathon came, as did Suzanne and MC. 5 people is a small number but was nice, and my spread went down well amongst the faithful few. Cheese fondue, gingerbread, Christmas cake and turkey sandwiches, along with pea and avocado houmous. loved it! Really easy and remarkably did not taste of tinned peas!

Two days of hangover later, and I have had a domestic day. Roast beef dinner, mince pies with pastry made from scratch, and some choice Delia Christmas Collection viewed. Just don’t want the weekend to end! Not long now. Christmas is coming. Cannot wait! Crackers all done, just don’t have one myself! Pete will sort it out for me, he promised! Be nice for us all to have a surprise!

Will do some seasonal blogging! I’m hoping some seasonal cheer will hit me. Until then, just pray tomorrow will be better than Friday!

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