Once more for this freakin’ weekend

So I ended the weekend with another so so attempt at baking. If ever anyone needs a helping hand with baking it is me. I made the Oreo cupcakes below. The chocolate sponge is to die for!

And the Oreo topping. Just a simple cream cheese frosting with bashed up crumbs of two cookies folded in. Gorgeous. But I have four missing cakes as they sank like Di Caprio at the end of Titanic. Very distressing. My nervous state and general ongoing lifelong plague of being a hopeless human being seems to have rubbed off on my baking. Sad times. But will hopefully change as my Karma changes.

So went for a short trip to the midlands to see Claire and Luke. Had a really lovely time actually. Quite random choice of restaurant, eating at the restaurant in the City Inn. I don’t criticise as the food was great, but for the good food we did lack a certain amount of ambience. But a catch up was long overdue. I dropped Luke off for a few with some other friends and drove home. Being sober is not so much of an issue now, it’s amazing how you change. 5 years ago it was inconceivable. But now I can conceive. And the taxi savings are immense.

Right I’m off to be a ball of nerves over the mock interview I have at work. God I’ll be like a pool of mush at the real one, like in The Secret World of Alex Mack or something. I’m being right pathetic!

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