Court in the act….

Yes im blogging from a windowsill at court again. I have written my order and it’s in court, and im awaiting judicial approval of my wonderful piece of work! This week is going ok, the mock interview experience had calmed me down somewhat. It was good all round, he was very positive and makes me less apprehensive. Well, as calm as I can be.

Oreo cupcakes continue to delight. Last night I tried a new Ina recipe- her spaghetti and meatballs recipe. You may have seen the episode, Steven turns out to be the editor of House Beautiful, and her boss, and she makes his favourite dinner.

So the meatballs sounded the usual fayre, two types of mince, breadcrumbs, an egg, but added to the fold were Parmesan, nutmeg and my addition of spring onions blitzed in my Magimix. Then the key. Warm water. Sounded weird but helped me make the most moist meatballs ever. This is a recipe I’m banking and will being out regularly. Trust me, it works.

Have to start some wedding cake trials for Val and Rachel’s wedding. Seeing R on Thursday to discuss requirements. Not sure how this will pan out! Need to perfect however so I’m not having an aneurism come wedding day!

Sacked off the gym last night and got home to new Aussiebum’s that I ordered. Hmm. Im not 100% convinced but let’s see. Could come round to them. They are loose, no Lycra, with a draw string waist. I think I’m used to being restricted. This comfort is a whole new world!

Right I’m off. Blog later x

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