Greetings from old aching legs

Yes ladies and gents I’m now well into my Brighton Marathon training which means I’m forever buggered, legs wise. Today was a 14 miler, which I turned into a 13.2 miler as I simply couldn’t be arsed to lap the block again on the search for .8 miles which I feel were the least necessary of the distance.

The plus side of it all is the calories burnt in pursuit of doing the marathon. And this is no bad thing, as long as Jack Fulton’s Frozen Foods continues to churn out Ben And Jerry’s Chocolate Macadamia at £1.29 a tub. A quarter tub whilst watching the increasingly depressing fourth series of Skins was devoured with pleasure. Pete is fitting a radiator in the kitchen, which will make my time in there less gloomy, as it does perish whenever I’m in there, with it being off-shot and having a tiled floor and all. Will be nice to have some warmth. Maybe my window sill herbs won’t all die of cold.

Yesterday was lovely, Pete and I had a stroll in town, saw nothing we wanted, found a nice little coffee cart to grab a latte and sit in the Winter Gardens with, nosed around everywhere, got some nice steak for tea, and headed home.

I made vanilla and blueberry cupcakes. Now, I learn through two attempts to make the Blueberry cake in the Hummingbird Bakery book that blueberries can sink and turn to jam, before my mum told me to flour the fruit as if it was so common knowledge she could not believe I didn’t know. So I tried.

My cupcakes are odd. Three of the holes in my tray seem to be oddly different than the others. They don’t cook through like the rest. They need a few more minutes than the rest. But they worked ok. Just Jammy underneath on those here. But the rest?

And inside?

Marbled but cake. Not jam!


Was so pleased! Nearly as nice as my chocolate nutella cookies!

Very tasty!

But needing to work out double time with my baking prowess being developed. 6 days a week, hitting that gym or the road. Very difficult at the moment since the washing machine broke, sweaty clothes reaching their limit!

Anyway, I’m waiting for the kitchen to be accessible again. Roast chicken and veg! Bring on the foooood!

Thursday it’s London baby!

On my list? Wahaca, The Hummingbird Bakery, Ellas Bakehouse, Leon, and any other food outfit I fancy. Between now and Wednesday I need to get some calorie credit!

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