Cake, Cheladas and odd toilet moments….

Hello readers, I report following a fab two day mini break in London where some fairly monumental decisions have been reached by my goodself.

I will not say too much about one of these things, but otherwise will report on a very exciting few days.

Firstly, hotel was amazing. Well, that seems a bit generous when in was basic by any standards but right opposite the Savoy on the Strand, moments from anywhere we wanted to be? Bang on the money. We explored Covent Garden and found all kinds of places, from Lucy In Disguise (lily allen’s shop), to Ella’s Bakehouse, Lorraine Pascale’s bakery. I had the Red velvet cupcake and a cup of tea, Pete had Carrot cupcake. Very nice. The buttercream is thicker, less light than I’m used to making, but looks more professional as a result.

Tiny little place, but sweet.

It’s surprising as none of the cupcakery places were not very big. The Hummingbird Bakery was teeny, and no toilet! Had to go to the public toilet in Soho. It was exactly what you would anticipate. A horrendous experience and Pete had to become alpha male protector. But boy was the Hummingbird Bakery experience what I hoped for.

If it was the battle of red velvet cakes, Hummingbird won. Hands down.


Next was a carrot cake cupcake. Now don’t worry about my arteries. I had that today, one a day is my cake rule. But that was equally good. Good level of cinnamon, and moist crumbly cake with walnuts. And no raisins, which is my preference.

Now foodwise, had another euphoric, in fact almost religious experience. Wahaca. The Mexican restaurant owned by Thomasina Miers. I’m right on with my referral to HM The Queen, an MBE or OBE should be awarded. Now, and hour and. Half we waited. I had a few Cheladas in waiting, that’s a beer in a glass with lime juice and salted rim. I was a bit hammered come chow time, but this food was sensational. Chips, salsa, oddly pork scratchings and guacamole to start, which completely started us off on a culinary journey to Mexico’s streets. It progressed onto a share platter for two of quesidillas, tacos, tostados and other tactile morsels of spicy, fresh fabulousness. It all did taste so different. Subtle, spiced, intricate and sociable. As each was bite sized, we were able to keep a round table conversation with Pete’s friend Matt and his girlfriend going without descending to the no chat policy of a long awaited meal. And as each plate came when it was ready, we had an hour long meal that was never rushed or so long awaited we were too knackered to chat!

So my advice would be go! Don’t be put off by a wait, it’s worth it. Completely. However, again I had another odd toilet experience. Now there is a toilet etiquette. We are not taught it explicitly nor do men talk about it. But it’s known. Subtlety rules, but we know it. You do NOT stand awaiting a urinal poised and action ready. You do not unzip and stand with you equipment aimed ready to fire when another urinal comes free. Except some guy did. If you read this, man in tan trench coat from Wahaca in Covent Garden on Friday, it was just plain odd behaviour.

Saw the Lion King at the Lyceum. Wow. It’s so worth seeing. It’s tear inducing, intelligent, mesmerising stuff. It’s a plethora of dance, world music and Disney. Awesome stuff.

Took Pete to Borough Market. I now hate Sheffield for having no comparator. Was like a tour of everything I ever wanted to cook or ever wondered about. There were cart of foods to go, from Asian curries, home made sausages, chilli, chorizo rolls, every type of cheese, amazing loaves, mulled cider. I could live there. We had breakfast at Monmouth Coffee Co, croissants and coffees in the most eclectic upmarket place ever. Some guy off the TV banged into me a few times, we had banter. No idea what he has been in, I’ll tell you if I figure it out. Lunch was cheese and bread by St Pauls after a tour of the Tate Modern. Pete tries to culture me. I’m so ignorant. To me this is not art:

Although lived the Rothko, and the photograph exhibits we saw:

And the coffee of course.

London is such a cool city, although don’t miss it until I go back. Fantastic lifestyles if you live as rich as we do as tourists! To be honest a night in with the telly is probably as unglam as it is here, and it’s nice to see London and Sheffield are equally saturated by coffee places!

So off to bed exhausted. Will be up for a run in the morning. Baking for Pete’s work, so got to get creative, and need to restart my brain functioning!

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