Up too early

Well, last night was an unexpectedly eventful one. Went to the gym for the obligatory 12k run, and sweating competition whereupon I remain some national champion. I then headed to a networking event, which I arrived at at the very worst moment as people seemed to be presenting things and applauding having done some group activities.

What makes it worse was I really didn’t know what to do. Is it rude to say no way am I turning up to this party late or is it rude to say I’m crashing this an hour and 10 minutes after people have been writing on a2 paper? Well I crashed and chatted to some nice folk anyway. Then headed with Harry and few others to the pub. Some students were there who weren’t seemingly that bothered about chatting to anyone dull and old. That aged me, I never thought if be the vision of middle age, but perhaps I am!

Returned home to leftovers and a coconut and lime cupcake. More exemplary icing from myself.

Now Lorraine Pascale, I doubt you’re reading this but if you do can you note- that’s plenty of icing. Its a good icing to cake ratio. It’s not a block and a bit of butter plus nearly a large bag if icing sugar! Your recipe in your gorgeous book made my arteries shake in fear. And reminiscence of my trip recently to Ella’s Bakehouse and the knowledge that’s probably the quantity I consumed! But props for a great book!

Right must get up. Work calls…

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