A weekend baking. Like a song in my heart..,,

Hello any faithful few who read my ramblings. I’m here having had a lovely weekend of doing what I do best. Eating and drinking. And baking up a storm. So Friday was my first day off. What a wonderful day off it began. I ran at the gym and headed off to see my friend Claire’s new baby, Annabelle. Gorgeous little warm bundle of joy. I’m so glad she was too, as en route bumped into the back of some guys car whilst trying to navigate the roads I had never been down and it’s gonna cost long term! Right nightmare!

I’m ok, no lasting damage and a bit of sore lower back but nothing permanent. I’ll be fine. But whilst I hated driving before I’m likely to loathe it now. I returned to Sheffield and went for dinner and a stiffening pint. Much called for. I truly cannot recommend the Aagrah in Leopold Square more. Everytime, it’s right on the money.

So Saturday came around and we had an early morning alarm call to make sure we were up and ready for the day. Pete’s parents were coming up and we needed to get things sorted. So, I decided to crack open my Baking Made Easy book and set about the Foccacia bread recipe. It was easy, and fun. It also set in motion the reorganisation of my baking cupboard. It is pure beauty now.

And the Foccacia?


So then I set about coffee and walnut cake. The result?



I went to Sainsburys and bought the ingredients for meals, pasta and meatballs and brisket for Sunday lunch. The meatballs were great, light and moist and despite containing beef were not too beefy. If you catch my drift. Of course it was the recipe o have raved over before, as written by my food inspiration, Ina. Yesterday I saw the memory lane episode yesterday. Love that one. Brownies and steak, eggplant gratin? Jeffrey and I can be won over in such similar ways.

I made Brisket today, it was similarly heavenly. Of course a tried and tested Ina recipe. You’ll have read my rant over Dwyer repaying the $30 piece of beef with $18 worth of chicken and broccoli with fried rice. But this slow cooked wonder, served with mashed potato, fine beans and asparagus, bought satisfaction all round. I almost felt like Ina, feeding people with home cooking made with great ingredients. Ina really has made me a better man!

All in all, I made sure Pete’s parents left our home sufficiently well fed! I don’t like anyone to leave put home still peckish! Maybe I am a bit of a feeder.

Back to work in the morning! So tired after the weekend again, although it could be the half marathon I ran this morning. And the couple scrapping in the street at 5.20am. One of the two!

Right, sausage sandwich for dinner. Must go get the ketchup ready. Not home made, like the raspberry jam I did today, but Heinz are so masterful it would be churlish to try! I’m sure Ina would add it to her show if she saw my recipe. After all, she made that bacon sandwich after her trip to London. Next time, Ina, come to Sheffield and eat at mine. Gosh I’d love that. I’ll dream of that again tonight!

And finally, amusing fact. One site that has referred to my blog appears to be a site selling legal anabolic steroids! If ever there was a clash of cultures, it’s baking and bodybuilding…. Made my day!

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