Train blogging may save my soul

So it’s hour 3 of my working day. Yes. It’s 7.26am and I am still trying to get to London. To say it’s 2 hours 7 minutes from Sheffield to London and here i am still north of Peterborough. The reason is I have been bought some bizarre ticket that took me east for an hour before I started off south. Have treated myself to a copy of Julie and Julia on my iPad, so I can watch the calm comfort of the exploits of Mme’s Powell and Childs, both of which inspire me beyond belief. It’s been a long tiresome morning, and I have the Court of Appeal to contend with. I hope it’s not too dry!

I have to entertain myself in London until 6pm post court. I think there is no prospect of being in court post lunch, which means I have to try and entertain myself whilst lugging about about 4 lb’s worth of A4 in lever arch files around with me. It’s next to impossible to enjoy myself when so inhibited!

So my plan is to try and enjoy myself with food. I may try to head to Borough. I may try and go to Hummingbird Bakery, there is the opportunity to try the special from the new Cake Days book. Today it’s the Lemon Meringue Cupcake, which is singing to me!

I forget how in love with Amy Adams I fell during this film. Her emotional 30th birthday party makes me warm inside! I’m so bloody tired, and I don’t get home until 8.20 tonight. Pete wanted a night out, I’m not entirely happy about that right now, but after this day I may need a night on the town. Or a sedative one of the two.

So dear readers, the film makes me wonder about you. These few who fall about my blog, I shouldn’t wonder. Looking for news on other people, or Ina or something else. I know Downton Abbey got few of you here. Still get a fabulous feeling just thinking of the Earl of Downton and his family and staff. I wonder if anyone reads my mad thoughts or not. Comment below and say hello if you read this!

I have ventured into a new and exciting world readers. Bread. I have attacked my cook book collection and found a starting point. I have also bought myself the River Cottage Handbook on Bread. I have been brave and started my Sourdough starter. It’s a wonderment. It bubbles naturally and fizzes like a thick batter-like porridge made in a sodastream, it’s madness. I wonder how it will turn out.

But dear reader do not anticipate a ciabatta just yet. It’s a dough made with semolina, and requires a devotion from the baker who is tasked with folding with what sounds like an endless dusting of semolina. I will need to be far braver and more adept!

Back to the movie for me I think. Await a tear stained, emotional update later if fatigue sets in. Otherwise I may wax about some misadventures! I hope I look more sharp than I feel!

Lots of love from this mile of train track readers.

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